CCA Previews ’20: Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society

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By Kenneth Poh (20S03O), Chairperson

On the surface, Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society, or RECAS for short, sure sounds boring. And honestly, you have every right to think so. What is an “economics and current affairs society” going to do anyway?

Well, we’re here to change your mind and take you through the world of a RECAS member.

Our sessions are on Wednesdays from 2.30 up to 4.30pm, depending on the activities planned for the day. Usually, we’ll have discussions about recent events happening around the world (hint: going to be quite useful for GP and Econs!), and sharings by Exco members or even club members who get to talk about topics they are passionate about. Games like Kahoot, QuizUp, and charades are also played alongside sharings.

Deep in thought during a quiz game.

There is no need to worry if you are introverted or generally quiet. Many of our members are, too, but they’ll also tell you about how RECAS provides an environment for them to speak up confidently. 

Additionally, we regularly organise outings and talks for our club members to create new experiences for club members and allow us not to be insular as a CCA. We have had sharings from members of the disabled community as part of a collaboration with Community Advocates and Interact, and have also had talks from esteemed alumni like Ms Margaret Lim, who did a sharing on startups and the finance industry.

Common Ground 2019 (RECAS, Community Advocates and Interact collaboration).
Poster for RECAS talk series with Ms Margaret Lim.

Our outings have brought us to places like the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and even to Singapore’s Parliament House to have mock debates. We are planning future outings to other places including the Economic Development Board and the Maritime Port Authorities for a tour of Singapore’s islands.

Outing to Parliament House for moot debates.

But make no mistake, RECAS isn’t limited to Raffles. RECAS has gone onto the national stage to compete in various competitions, including the Economics Society of Singapore Essay Competition (2nd prize), the NUS Chancellor’s Challenge Shield (Champion), the NTU Current Affairs Competition (3rd place), and the NUS National Economics and Finance Management Quiz.

And of course, no club is complete without club bonding! We look highly upon club spirit and have held parties during our mid-year club camp, together with a Post-Promos Party at the end of the year.

Year 6 Farewell 2019.

As a whole, we are a student-led CCA and are given a lot of autonomy over activities we plan. The Exco is centred on inclusivity and welfare, making sure we plan engaging activities and also allowing activities you can suggest to be put to a vote. 

Come join RECAS and leave your mark with us!

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