About Us



Word of Mouth is the online student newspaper of Raffles Institution (Year 5–6). It comes under the umbrella of publications managed by Raffles Press, the journalism society of the school.

Press aims to discuss issues that Rafflesians care about through news informed by a plurality of opinions, experiences, and perspectives.

As an official Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), we:

  • document contemporary accounts of school events
  • foster debate and discourse on student-related and social issues
  • facilitate the sharing of opinions

If you have any queries, we can be reached at press.raffles@gmail.com. As this is a student publication, please contact us if you wish to reproduce our content in any form, either online or in print.

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The pattern used in our header is an edited form of Crunchy by surpriseice & ycc2106 on colourlovers.com, and the font used is Coolvetica from dafont.com.