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CCA Previews ’20: Raffles Modern Dance 

By Jerlynn Chia (20S03D), Chairperson, Karis Ma (20S03C), Secretary, and Ding Wenjun (20S06J), Treasurer/Wardrobe Mistress

Raffles Modern Dance is a tightly-knit family consisting of dancers who train, perform, and grow together. Though many enter with the sole goal of honing dance skills and performing on-stage, everyone eventually leaves with long-lasting friendships and a sense of belonging found nowhere else.

Under the tutelage of our resident choreographer, Mr Goh Shou Yi, our dancers grow into confident and creative individuals who are both team players and able performers. Through learning specific exercises and choreography, we reconnect with our bodies, and hone this ability to communicate ideas, feelings, and experiences. 

A CCA largely focused on contemporary dance, sessions usually begin with a quick warmup and strength training routine before moving into practice of set exercises, choreography for upcoming performances, and even free improvisation sessions, all with the end goal of training aware, thinking dancers. But fret not, for fun is always to be had in each and every session, be it by our coach’s rather wry sense of humour, a quick joke by a batchmate, or a chorus of encouraging shouts for a fellow dancer! 

dance 1
Our tightly-knit family!

Modern dancers also have various performance opportunities every year, including Teachers’ Day and Open House. For 2020, Modern Dance will be putting up our very own showcase, featuring pieces choreographed by not only our coach, but each and every CCA member. This allows you to not only develop a choreographic vision, but also step into the shoes of a professional dancer cum choreographer in producing a piece for all to see.

Our CCA sessions are held twice a week on Monday (4pm–6pm) and Wednesday (2.30pm–5.30pm). Nearing performances, practices will be lengthened and increased to three times a week, with the additional practice day being on Friday. 

If you feel intrigued by what Modern Dance has to offer, here is the information on our auditions! Everyone is welcome to sign up, including male students, and no prior dance background is necessary. With auditions consisting of learning a couple of short routines, and finally an improvisation section, dancers will be selected based on their ability to pick up choreography quickly, and overall performance and bodily awareness. (For the concerned, flexibility is definitely not a must, as contemporary dance emphasises fluidity of motion, more so than the height of a leg!)

If you passionate about dance or just simply love the stage, do sign up for our auditions, and we look forward to welcoming you into our family! 

dance 2
Raffles Modern Dance Batch ’20 

CCA Previews ’20: Chess

By Chess 

As Magnus Carlsen, the reigning champion of International Chess once said: “Without the element of enjoyment, it is not worth trying to excel at anything.”  

At Raffles Chess Club, we embrace the philosophy of appreciating and enjoying the game. We all want to win, but what good is the trophy if none of us enjoy it? Unlike most other competitive CCAs, we are open to both beginners as well as seasoned veterans who are looking for an environment to challenge themselves.   Continue reading “CCA Previews ’20: Chess”

CCA Previews ’20: Judo

By Raffles Judo   

Into WWE?

Judo is probably the closest thing you can get to this, except not as violent and with different rules applied. However, you still get the same adrenaline rush of flying through the air or flipping your opponent (most of the time, your friend) and hearing that loud satisfying “PIAK” on the mats.

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CCA Previews ’20: Soccer (Girls)

By Charmaine Tan (20S03A), Megan Khoe (20A01E), and Zitin Bali (20S06D) 

We’ll be honest. There will be flying balls that you occasionally get hit by. There will be times when you get stepped on by studded boots. And there most definitely will be times when you start training with a white jersey but go home in a brown one. But there is no greater satisfaction than the sound a football makes as it finds its way into the back of a net or the dumbfounded expression of an opponent when you execute the perfect tackle. 

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