Raffles Runway RPROJ’22 – AEON 

Reading Time: 7 minutes

By Leong Jun Wei (23A01D), Loh Zhao Hong (23S03A), Cece Cao Chenxi (23A01E) and Shreya Singh (23S03C)

Mesmerising mood lighting, glittering makeup, colourful fabric galore – if you walked past the canteen from 22nd to 29th July, you may have seen a cinematically-shot film showcasing fashion designs. From elegant gowns to cyberpunk streetwear, the quality and range of this collection rivalled the likes of international Fashion Weeks. This year, Runway’s Batch of 2022 presents their labour of love: Aeon. 

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CLCDS Concert 2022: Chasing Dreams

Reading Time: 7 minutes

By Tay Yu Ning (23S06E) and guest contributor Yu Grace Chenxi (23S06I)

Photos courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society.

What does “chasing dreams” mean to you? CLDCS’ (Chinese Language Drama and Cultural Society) 2022 production, titled 逐梦 (zhú mèng, Chasing Dreams), aimed to explore the many trials and tribulations that one may face when pursuing their goals and ambitions. 

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Pressing Ahead 2022: Through the Journalist’s Lens 

Reading Time: 6 minutes

By Jolene Yee Xin Yi (23S03A) and Noh Sangeun (23S06Q)  

Where does the journalist look for newsworthy stories? Where does the future of journalism lie? These are two areas of exploration that Raffles Press’ annual Inter-JC Conference, Pressing Ahead, seeks to uncover in greater depth.  

Against the backdrop of the world’s largest newspaper publications venturing into multimedia journalism, how we, as student journalists, can harness the power of photo, audio and video to supplement our craft, is definitely something worth contemplating and conversing about. 

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Film Society Screening: H(ODD)GE L(ODD)GE

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Hong Wan Jing (22S06F) and Sonia Maya (22A01C)

Hodge Lodge photos courtesy of Ms Joanna Ng

Screening logo designed by Audrey Goh (22S07A) and Chere Low (22A01C)

“Whoa, there was a theatre behind Hodge Lodge this whole time?” These were the exact words of Edna Lim (22S03F), taking her first steps into the Hodge Lodge theatre.

On a quiet afternoon of 4th May, a gap Wednesday, Rafflesians streamed into a relatively unassuming room beyond the main lounge area of the Hodge Lodge. H(ODD)GE L(ODD)GE marked the event’s revival after a COVID-19 induced hiatus. The (bi)annual event serves as a means for the school community to enjoy Film Society curated films, and learn more about the craft during discussion segments.

To participants’ pleasant surprise, 40 plush, rich velvet red chairs invited them in. Quickly getting comfortable, they were about to find themselves tickled, perhaps even outright baffled, by the four experimental films lined up. 

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The Consumer Class 2021: Consumerism in the Best Mannerism 

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Chloe Charitey Pudjo (22SO3G)

Fast fashion, e-waste, plastic waste, food waste… the list of problems plaguing our world seems to be endless. These issues of consumerism are not new to us, but how many of us can truly attest to taking action to mitigate their impact? 

In their annual batch project, “Consumer Class”, Community Advocates aims to provide students a full rundown of all the vital information we need to know to get on board the expressway to a Zero Waste Nation. 

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