CCA Preview’15: Taekwondo

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Our inaugural training session commences on Friday, 6 February, from 2-3.30pm, at Home Team NS @ Balestier (near Toa Payoh station). A uniform supplier will be present to sell all beginners white belt uniforms. Timing of the trainings may be adjusted after the Year 5s receive their confirmed timetables.

We’re made up of very passionate Taekwondo players! This photo was taken at the National Inter-school Taekwondo Championships in 2013.

Taekwondo is an external CCA recognized in RI(JC) that equips you with the skills to defend yourself and your friends. Be part of the pioneer batch of Taekwondo players and stand a chance to be sponsored by RI(JC) to represent the school at Nationals. Those who do not wish to compete can join to advance through the belt levels  (through official gradings) and achieve that elusive black belt. We are open to members from RGS and RI (Y1-4).

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art characterized by high kicks, fast kicks, spinning kicks and other kicking stunts. While the use of the upper body is not emphasised, a well-conditioned upper body helps players execute punches and blocks  in Poomsae. There are two main components of Taekwondo: Poomsae, which consists of a series of kicks and punches, and Kyrougi, which consists of sparring/actually kicking someone else. Members will also be taught the art of Unarmed Combat, which helps them get out of tricky situations such as when you are grabbed from the back(!). While Kyrougi sounds dangerous, rest assured that our instructors are qualified in fostering a safe environment. After all, they have all undergone the Singapore Taekwondo Federation’s coaching certification.

Players have to wear protective guards while sparring and light or no contact is enforced during trainings. Larger protective helmets and gears have to be worn during competitions and competition training.


Taekwondo is recognized by the Singapore Schools Sports Council, which means that participation in the National Inter-schools will be recorded in your CCA Records and you’ll be allowed to contend for national colours awards.

Experienced Taekwondo players could use the opportunity to form teams of 3 or compete individually for National Inter-schools (provided good attendance), while mentoring fellow Rafflesians. Beginners can look forward to gradings in April, July, October and January, and a chance to compete in the National Inter-schools (provided good performance).

Our trainings are conducted at an affordable price in a fully-equipped studio on Level 2 of HomeTeam NS @ Balestier, which is a 20min bus journey from school. The venue includes food places, a swimming pool and free showering facilities.

Get a good workout. Meet new friends. Keep fit to be able to handle the A Level’s. Join Taekwondo.

Find out more about the terms and conditions and apply to join us at .

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