Raffles Reads: Land of Sand and Song

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Mandy Wong (22S03C)

Raffles Reads is a collaboration between Raffles Press and Times Reads which aims to promote a reading culture among Singaporean students.

Rating: 3/5

At first glance, Joyce Chua’s Land of Sand and Song seems like a typical YA novel filled with historical fiction and fantasy tropes. There’s a strong-willed princess for its heroine, a rogue prince for its hero and plenty of political drama that I recognise from dipping my toes into Chinese historical dramas. Little did I expect to open it and only stop when I reached the last page.

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National Examinations: How Standardisation Benefits Us

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Clara Chai (22A01D)

104 twenty-cent and fifty-cent coins. 1.134 kg. Sound familiar? 

While browsing through countless memes of Helen and Ivan last year, I came across this interesting news article. It touched on the stress that the PSLE brings to young children, as well as how our approach towards the national exams may be causing more harm than good. Yet, it also encouraged readers to maintain a positive attitude towards these exams.

For most students, the grades that they attain from their examinations are very important. To them, their marks impact their academic confidence and future educational pathways. For this reason, the scores they obtain for their national examinations may carry more than double the weight in their hearts. Words like ‘bell curve’ and ‘national performance’ strike fear in many students’ hearts as their grades seemingly hang on sheer unpredictability.

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