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Lit Week ’19: Cross-Eyed Over Crossover

By Kuang Shane Qi (19A13A)
Photographs courtesy of Alyssa Marie Loo (19A13A)

Students of Literature in English Paper 2 (The English Renaissance) might be familiar with this quote by John Donne:

“Twice or thrice had I lov’d thee,
Before I knew thy face or name;
So in a voice, so in a shapeless flame
Angels affect us oft…”

(In this case, “twice or thrice” refers to the number of morning announcements the Lit Week Team made to sleepy students… )

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Monday Enrichment Programme Preview ’19: Global Studies Programme (GSP)

By Loh Su Jean (19A01A), Moh Jin Yin (19A01A), Phang Yeu Yeou (19A01A), Eugene Chua (19A01B), and Li Ze Hua (19S05B)

“A man can do all things if he has but wills them.” — Leon Battista Alberti (Italian author)

600 years ago, this quote from one of the most accomplished Renaissance figures inspired one of the core aims of the Global Studies Programme (GSP) today: to develop students into modern “Renaissance men and women” capable of accomplishing anything they apply themselves to.

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Monday Enrichment Programme Preview ‘19: The Olympiads

By the Olympiads

For the academically inclined who wish to challenge themselves with competitions on their favourite subjects, the Olympiads provide a conducive platform for students to hone their skills and practice adequately for the Olympiads. There are four different olympiads in total: three for each of the sciences, as well as math. Looking forward to stimulating your brain every Monday morning? Look no further, for the Olympiads promise an intellectual challenge.

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Monday Enrichment Programme Preview ‘19: Raffles INVENT

By Isaac Yeo (19S06A)

Attention all future inventors and current procrastinators! Do you think you’re sitting on the next million-dollar idea? Are you the next William Tan, or would you like to meet them? Well if so, or you just have a passion for tinkering with technology, then Raffles INVENT is the Monday Enrichment Program for you!

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Monday Enrichment Programme Preview ’19: Peer Helpers Programme (PHP)

By Teo Jun Hua (19A01A)

No kidding, JC is a stressful place. While teachers and friends will be supportive where they can, sometimes even that isn’t enough; other times the inherent familiarity makes it even harder for us to open up to them about our personal struggles. It was to fill this need that the Peer Helpers Programme (PHP) was established in 2016, in response to the growing awareness that “most students would prefer to seek out their fellow students or peers for help, rather than their parents, teachers, or… counsellors.

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