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Malay Language Elective Programme: First Year in RI

By Afeef Ikhwan (21A13B)

Wahah Cendekia—the Oasis of Intellectuals.

Upon walking into school from the Marymount gate, you may have noticed these exact words adorning the front of the Blue Room. However, there’s a catch: it is no longer officially called the Blue Room! Formerly a multipurpose room, hosting classes and meetings alike, this room has now become the headquarters of the school’s new Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP). The aptly named MLEP Room had undergone major renovation works over the December holidays and is now open for students to partake in the programme’s plethora of events. 

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Lost and Found: The “Ulu”, Unexplored Places in RI

By Thet Hninn Zin (21A13A)

As you navigate through this inextricably large campus, roaming through the green-and-grey corridors with the prettiest willow trees (the school genuinely has amazing greenery) and lined glass windows, you might miss out on some of the more obscure places in Raffles Institution. Especially with safe-distancing measures, it may be difficult for you to go around to explore the campus, the place where you’re going to spend your last two years of pre-tertiary education at. 

Well, whether it’s because they are out of the way from your classroom-bound venues or perched in an unassuming corner, here are some of the ‘lost’ locations in school, which have now been found for you!

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Please Mind the Platform Gap: Food In RI

By Coco Liu (20S06L) and Tay Jing Xuan (20S03C)

Disclaimer: All information is accurate as of time of writing, and may be subject to change.

The cheap and affordable, yet rich flavours of the canteen food may be what some of us are looking forward to when we return to school after the December holidays. Those looking for quick titbits to grab from Chill@RI in between tutorials and lectures can finally do so, too. But with so much to choose from when deciding on a meal or a snack, some of us may feel overwhelmed. After all, do you even remember all that’s sold at the school canteen? Fortunately, we have compiled a list of what is sold at the canteen, Chill@RI, and Professor Brawn Café for you to pick out the food you want!

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CCA Previews ’21: Taekwondo

By Calla Koh (21S03N), Captain, Shavonne Goh (21S03H), Vice-Captain, and Shaun Loh (21A01A) 

What is Taekwondo?

Four simple words (in reality it’s just two): kick kick, punch punch. 

The above is a very concise, straightforward summary of what CCA entails for all of you considering to join our family. 

Of course, while Taekwondo might only seem like a place for you to take it out on the punching bag during stressful times (let’s not lie to ourselves here), there is so much more to the CCA that is waiting to be discovered. Taekwondo is not just about the experience, but also the people we meet and the skills we learn. 

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CCA Previews ’21: Tenpin Bowling

By Cleavant Ong (21S03H), Vice-Captain, Lim Kai Jie (21S06L), Boys’ Captain, and Roxanna Koh (21S03L), Girls’ Captain

Bowling is often perceived as a casual activity one does with friends and family rather than a sport. After all, think of all the ridiculous antics that one can get up to on the lanes while enjoying the blessed comfort of air-conditioning. However, the bowling we do during CCA is much more complex than that.

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