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Please Mind the Platform Gap (Universities Edition): Deep Springs College

By Clarice Tan (21A01C) and Matthew Ethan Ramli (21S03F)

Nestled in a desert valley in California is a small liberal-arts school—Deep Springs College (DSC). The size of each cohort does not exceed 15, and students, in addition to managing their academic work, are expected to participate in labour and governance to prepare them for ‘a life of service’. Redefining education, DSC views students “not as consumers but as creators of their education and as stewards of a joint intellectual project”. Raffles Press spoke to RI alumna Amelia Ding (19A01D) to find out more.

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To be a More Humane Human: a Look at the Very First Year of MLEP 

By Jason Nathaniel Sutio (22S06U)

When the Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP) valedictorian sipped his language-changing tea cup, continuing the rest of his speech in Malay, the room burst into raucous laughter. It was a scene familiar to every MLEP student. 

It was also the last time the 2021 Y6 batch would formally gather in Wahah Cendekia (the MLEP classroom) to celebrate the graduation of the very first batch of MLEP in RI.

As they listened intently to his speech, all of them took a walk down memory lane: ruminating on their first plunge, reminiscing about unforgettable highlights and charting the road ahead after the pioneer year of this programme.

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CE01s in RI

By: Edna Lim (22S03F), Faith Ho (22A01A), Matthew Ethan Ramli (21S03F)

Have you ever thought about starting your own service project?

The Community Education Programme (CEP) is currently the predominant service framework in RI. Part of this framework is the Community Education form 1 (CE01), where students interested in initiating a service project of their own can apply to be endorsed by the school. This programme is introduced to Y5 students during the JIP/JAE induction programme, though students can opt to start or join a project at any point in the school year by filling out an online application. 

As a CE01, teams are assigned a teacher-mentor for counsel throughout their project. CE01s usually collaborate with external organisations to carry out initiatives for their beneficiaries – commonly seen ones in RI are those that target the elderly as well as children.

This framework was developed with the intent of encouraging students to translate their passion for particular causes into service to the community, honing their social consciousness, leadership, and civic responsibility in the process. 

Through the programme, [the students] will be more aware of the needs of the community and develop a better understanding of authentic problems, issues and concerns that affect us today. This will help them become strong leaders with a heart for service.”

– Mr Daniel Wong, a CE01 teacher-mentor

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ASEAN Social Innovations Programme

By Sonia Maya (22A01C) and Sophie Goh (22S07B)

Sharings on blockchain by NUS Fintech lab, lively project discussions with foreign students, and a chance to try traditional Filipino sapin-sapin: these are all activities students of the ASEAN Social Innovations Programme (ASIP) enjoy during a typical session.

A fresh addition to RI’s collection of Wednesday Enrichment Programmes (WEP), the ASIP seeks to equip students with invaluable digital skills to construct innovative solutions to everyday problems. 

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Malay Language Elective Programme: First Year in RI

By Afeef Ikhwan (21A13B)

Wahah Cendekia—the Oasis of Intellectuals.

Upon walking into school from the Marymount gate, you may have noticed these exact words adorning the front of the Blue Room. However, there’s a catch: it is no longer officially called the Blue Room! Formerly a multipurpose room, hosting classes and meetings alike, this room has now become the headquarters of the school’s new Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP). The aptly named MLEP Room had undergone major renovation works over the December holidays and is now open for students to partake in the programme’s plethora of events. 

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