Shooting to Silver: Netball Finals 2018

By Joyce Lee (19S06O) and Nicole Chan (19S05A)
Photos courtesy of Li Ruiqi (19A01A) and Chloe Tan (19S03E) of the Raffles Photographic Society

Rounding off a successful season, Raffles Netball emerged first-runners up against perennial rivals Anglo-Chinese Junior College after a hard-fought finals match at Jurong East Sports Complex on 25 May. The fast-paced and riveting game between the two teams kept the spectators on the edge of their seats and was an inspiring display of athleticism and sportsmanship.

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Take Heart: Guitar Ensemble’s Esperanza

By Joyce Lee (19S06O) and Kwee Qiao Ying (19S03K)
Photographs courtesy of Andrew Yap (19S06Q) and Ku Cheng Yong (19S06G) of the Raffles Photographic Society

On the 18th of May, hundreds of students and guests streamed into LT2—no, not for a late night lecture, but for Guitar Ensemble’s concert, Esperanza. The title of the concert means “hope” in Spanish and this theme was illustrated through the narrative of a young boy named Justin who dreams of becoming a musician like his late grandfather. In spite of parental objections, he perseveres and refuses to give up on his aspirations. The emotions he feels throughout his turbulent journey were weaved into the various songs, giving them greater depth and meaning.

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Cricket Finals 2018

By Nicole Chan (19S05A) and Shervon Lee (19S06A)
Photographs courtesy of Dionne Pok (19S06P) of the Raffles Photographic Society

While students were fighting the urge to fall asleep in lectures on the morning of 17 May, Raffles Cricket was fighting a very different battle at Ceylon Sports Club. Up against long-term rivals from Anglo Chinese School (Independent), the team was focused and ready for the tough game ahead. With the gold sitting on the line, both teams had no room for mistakes or distractions. ACS(I) was set to bat first, and Raffles to bowl and field.

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Floorball Boys’ Finals 2018

By Keziah Lam (19A01B), Mahima Sowrirajan (19S07A), Grace Lau (18S03I)
Photos courtesy of BC Tng (

We arrived at Delta sports hall just as the previous match was ending, frankly taken aback by the overwhelming enthusiasm of both sides’ supporters. Stands were packed and atmosphere was tense- despite the match clashing with the students’ council investiture taking place at school, students had shown up nonetheless to cheer on their friends, and did so loudly as the RI floorball boys entered the court, huddling close together for a briefing by their coach. Having come in as 1st runners up last season against Victoria Junior College (VJC), our boys were determined to clinch the championship title, and were gearing up for a tough fight. They listened attentively to the instructions given, psyching themselves up for the game with one last team shout of “Raffles”.

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Basketball Girls’ Finals 2018

By Sarah Chen (19S03C) and Keziah Lam (19A01B)
Photographs courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society
Special thanks to Bridget Lum (19S03C) and Aisling Lum (19S03N) for their invaluable guidance and advice

Our journalistic abilities were called into question the moment we arrived at Jurong East Sports Hall on the 18th of May. Perhaps it was the fact that we had just spent the bus ride googling “how points are awarded in basketball” and voicing our queries loudly or the fact that we were the only two Raffles students present not kitted out in basketball attire, but we were quickly approached by a well-meaning basketballer who asked us, “do you guys even know how basketball works?” The answer to that, of course, was no. This changed quickly over the course of the next hour as we played witness to the resilience and spirit of our girls’ basketball team in their finals match against opponents Dunman High.

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