Gryphons’ Attempt at Upset Victory Foiled: A Division Cricket Finals 2017

By Lakshminarayanan Kaushik Rangaraj (17S06P) and guest writer Aahan Gopinath Achar (17S03J). Pictures by Liu Xin Yi (18S05A) and the Raffles Photographic Society. Scorecard:* ACS(I): 110/6 in 20 overs (Anirudh – 39) RI: 81/10 in 17.2 overs (Karthik – 24) Rain had plagued the whole A Division Cricket season. Keeping with the theme, the finals too … Continue reading

Floorball Boys ‘A’ Division Finals 2017

By Choi Hoe Chang (18S07A) and Jeslyn Tan (18S06R) Photos by Raffles Photographic Society and Choi Hoe Chang On 17th May, our boys’ floorball team faced Victoria Junior College in the finals of the ‘A’ Division Floorball National Championship. The match was expected to be intense and tough – RI and VJC have long been … Continue reading

Raffles Rave: A Preview

By Choi Hoe Chang (18S07A) and Ling Young Loon (18S07A)  Ever wake up mid-sleep, tell yourself you want to party, then realise you are too young to go clubbing? Fret no more. Audio-Visual Unit is bringing the rave to Raffles this Thursday. An afternoon of delicious thrills and musical wonder awaits — free for all Rafflesians.  Are you … Continue reading

RPROJECT: Origin 2017

By Asfar Alim (18S03J) and Joan Ang (17A01B) Photos by Abdul Qayyum (17A01B) and Raffles Photographic Society Runway is one of the less conventional CCAs offered at RI — instead of sports competitions or concerts, Raffles Runway annually stages RPROJECT, a fashion show curated and organised by the CCA, featuring original pieces designed and sewn … Continue reading

Strangers With Memories

By Yang Siqi (17A01C) “I love trash-talking people I perceive to be inferior to myself, in an extraordinarily pretentious way.” “What! Me too!” It could be as simple as that – the formation of a friendship. All of us probably have people close to us, not related by blood, but often sharing common interests and ideals. … Continue reading

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