5km²: Of Ruins and Roadway Detectors

By Ng Jing Ting (20A13A) and Sarah Lok (20A03A) 

5km² aims to discover the unexplored places and untold stories of the Bishan community, spoken through words and photographs. Raffles Institution has been rooted here for 29 years, yet most of us don’t really explore the places around us past Junction 8, or maybe even S11. This begs the question: as residents, how much do we actually know about Bishan? What hidden gems does the unassuming 5km² area around us hold?

Tucked away in the recesses of Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Nature Park is Singapore’s newest buffer park—it is a physical enhancement and extension of the nearby Central Catchment Reserve that not only provides the public with an alternative space to connect with nature, but also protects the nature reserves against abutting developments. 

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Where Does the Fruit Go?

By Tay Jing Xuan (20S03C)

Take a look at Singapore’s—no, the world’s daily food waste, and you’ll notice a very unsettling trend.

Roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year globally. That’s about 3.6 million tonnes wasted daily. By now, one should know pretty well the impact food waste has on the environment and the jarring imbalance of food across the world, with millions starving while developed countries choke on superfluity. Yet, the numbers are only climbing, with the increase of mouths to feed leading to even greater excess being produced.

But that’s the world. What about the canteen in Raffles Institution?

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Every Little Thing: Teachers’ Day 2019

By Huang Beihua (20A03A) and Gabrielle Ng (20A01E)
Pictures courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society

The first week of September was one of many emotions: joy, perhaps, at the dawning of a glorious break; disappointment, possibly, at the realisation that it was no break at all; or maybe nervousness, as you glanced at your revision schedule (or lack thereof). Yet, chances were that you noticed the booths lining the canteen entrance, caught a glimpse at the elaborately drawn cards in someone’s hands, or even received a copy of our meticulously penned Teachers’ Day newsletters. It seemed appropriate that appreciation be added to that list—there was no better occasion to thank those who had worked just as hard for our grades and growth. 

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