Putting Meaning to Masks

By Sara Chia (21S03G)

When one mentions Home-Based Learning, a shudder involuntarily comes at the reminder of all those days spent cooped up at home, with most of us spending them toiling away at our studies or getting some long-awaited rest. But while we kept ourselves occupied with that, there were heroes in our midst who were dedicating their time to lending a helping hand to the wider community.

I’m sure you must recall the time when just about everyone was frantically purchasing mask after mask to stockpile, the epitome of what Singaporeans would deem as kiasu. Unexpectedly, two childhood friends were doing the opposite — making their very own masks and selling them.

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Raffles Reads: The Authenticity Project

By Max Chwa (21A01B) and Samyak Jain (21S03A)

Raffles Reads is a collaboration between Raffles Press and Times Reads which aims to promote a reading culture among Singaporean students.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

What would happen if we were all honest about our true selves?

That’s the question The Authenticity Project seeks to answer. In this novel, Julian Jessop, a once prolific artist, leaves the eponymous notebook in his local cafe. He has penned his deepest secrets in the notebook, leaving instructions for the next person who finds it to write down their deepest secrets as well. The notebook changes hands multiple times, with each owner baring their souls through writing. 

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The Brilliance of 100 gecs’ Anarchist Pop

By Charles Toh (21A01D)

100 gecs just wants to have fun.

In what is possibly the most unexpected turn of events ever, the experimental pop project of St. Louis-born independent musicians Dylan Brady and Laura Les has risen to worldwide internet notoriety, gaining traction on social media sites like TikTok and Twitter. A year ago, 100 gecs had little more than a dedicated cult following among online communities obsessed with underground music.

So how did their polarising, abrasive pastiche of genres from music’s refuse pile capture the attention of both music critics and listeners worldwide, with virtually no radio play or promotion?

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Interview Feature: Alyssa Marie Loo, 2020 President’s Scholar

By Shaun Loh (21A01A), Noelle Leow (21A01B), and Samyak Jain (21S03A)
Photos courtesy of Michael Chow 

The President’s Scholarship is awarded to students who have ‘gone beyond excellence in academic pursuits and co-curricular activities to distinguish themselves’, and who have a ‘strong ethos in public service’. We conducted an interview with this year’s sole President’s Scholar, Alyssa Marie Loo, batch of 2019. Alyssa is now studying linguistics at Brown University. We also interviewed her Linguistics teacher, Ms Janissa Soh. 

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Raffles Symphonic Band 2020: Catharsis

By Neo Xin Yuan (21A01D), Snehal Sachde (21S07C), and Soh Jing Yee (21S03Q)


As you click on the IVY notification, you may come across this word and take a pause. It’s not a word we use daily. You might not even have heard of it before. Maybe it just sounds vaguely cool but you have no idea what it really means. 

However, when you start listening to the first video, your tense shoulders—having gone through a long day of HBL—relax. You start to feel lighter. And you start to understand what catharsis means.

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