CCA Previews ’20: Astronomy Club

By Natasha Ong (20S03R), Chairperson and Shao Yang (20S06J), Academics IC

It has been said that astronomy is a lonely endeavour, a soul-searching in the pitch dark of night of some remote corner of the Earth under the embrace of the starry sky. Well, it is certainly an inimitable pleasure for many of us to marvel at the grandeur at the night sky—to partake in the oldest of all the natural sciences, to look up at the very same stars our hominid ancestors must have wondered at hundreds, thousands, even millions of years ago. It is then frequently asked: What use is this pointless pursuit in one of the most light-polluted, busiest cities on Earth where all we see at night are street lamps, shopping malls, and tutorials? It may seem to many that astronomy is completely disconnected from the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, and you’d be forgiven for thinking as such. Continue reading “CCA Previews ’20: Astronomy Club”

Raffles Reads: Wicked Fox by Kat Cho

By Claire Tan (20S07A) and Valerie Tan (20A01E)

Wondering what to get for your loved ones for Christmas? To us, books certainly make great gifts. And you’re in the right place—Raffles Reads is a new column which aims to promote reading culture among Singaporean students. The books, reviewed by Raffles Press writers, have been provided courtesy of Times Reads.

Your life, or your beloved’s?

This is the dilemma that the characters of Wicked Fox grapple with—similar to hundreds of other Young Adult books, perhaps, but with a Korean mythological twist.

Written in alternating points of view from its two main characters, together with stories of the first gumiho (a nine-tailed fox from Korean mythology) interspersed between its chapters, Wicked Fox is the first in the Gumiho series by Kat Cho. Against the backdrop of modern-day Seoul, it follows Miyoung, a half-gumiho, half-human who has to devour the energy of people—and thus kill them—to stay alive. One night, she stumbles upon Jihoon, a boy her age, being attacked by a goblin. She risks revealing her true identity just to save him, but ends up losing her fox bead—her gumiho soul—in the process. This sends Miyoung and Jihoon spiralling into an adventure they can’t control, and soon they find themselves surrounded by enemies and a looming ultimatum: Miyoung’s immortality, or Jihoon’s life.

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CCA Previews ’20: Sailing

By Brandon Chia (20S07A), Jacob Sze (20S03B), and Celine Wong (20S06S)

Blue Whale Population: 10,000 (Endangered)
Raffles Sailing Population: 8 (Surviving and Thriving)


  1. Skip CTs (shh)
  2. Win Interschool Championships 
  3. Collect Colours Award

Jokes aside, not many students in Raffles know about this low-key CCA called Sailing. The only thing everyone knows: we have been bringing the gilded trophy back year after year for the past decade. But our achievements do not come easily. Under the scorching sun or the pouring rain (apart from when there is lightning) you would see us putting in the hours off the shores of East Coast Park. Continue reading “CCA Previews ’20: Sailing”

CCA Previews ’20: Floorball

By Ashley Low, 20S07A (Girls’ Captain), Lew Zhiyi, 20S06P, Foo Wen Xin, 20S03P (Girls’ Vice-Captains), Chong Xin Wei, 20S06P (Boys’ Captain), Jayden Tan, Muhammad Anafiya, 20S03J (Boys’ Vice-Captains)

Nothing is impossible. Here in Raffles Floorball, we are firm believers in this mantra. Once you step on court, you have 45 seconds to challenge your limits and make magic happen. Throw away all your preconceived notions about matches being lengthy and boring—not a second goes by in this game without some form of intense and fast-paced action. In this game, you will be challenged in far more ways than you can imagine. This game will teach you to outwit and outdo your opponents by being determined and creative.

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CCA Previews ’20: Guitar Ensemble

By Truong Dam Linh Giang (20S03G), Chairperson, Eyan Goh (20S03H), Vice-Chairperson, Shanna Ng (20S03I), and Yang Wanshen (20S03Q)

Not many have heard of guitar ensembles in Singapore, much less a Niibori guitar ensemble. At Raffles Institution (Year 5-6) Guitar Ensemble (RJGE), we believe that what sets us apart brings us together. As one of the only full-fledged Niibori guitar ensembles at the JC level in Singapore, we explore many different genres of music to bring out the full myriad of melodies string-plucking can produce. Be it fast and spicy flamenco pieces, or emotion-laden contemporary Japanese pieces, our ensemble aspires to draw out all of the colours hidden beneath the black markings on the white sheet music. Continue reading “CCA Previews ’20: Guitar Ensemble”