Homebound: Raffles Street Dance Showcase 2019

By Benjamin Lim (19S03I), Ruchira Ramaswamy (20S03A) and V Shivani (20S06R)
Photographs courtesy of Geng Heqin (20S06S), Jia Junran (20S06H) and Syu Rui Ying (20S06M) of Raffles Photographic Society

Electrifying pop hits were blasting through the speakers as friends and family of Raffles Street Dance (RSD) members streamed excitedly into the PAC. It was as if the auditorium was alivechatter filling the air, and people grooving along to the beats, tingling with anticipation for the showcase to commence. Twinkling yellow fairy lights and helium balloons that spelled out HOMEBOUND adorned the stage, adding to the ethereal and dazzling atmosphere. As the lights dimmed, signalling the start of the show, the audience’s excitement rose into screams and rapidly settled into a hush as the screen flickered to life.

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The Ball’s in Our Court: Squash Boys’ Finals 2019

By Jerome Tay (20S06Q) and Valerie Tan (20A01E)
Photos courtesy of Squash

The Kallang Squash and Tennis Centre does not seem like a place used for sports at all. It is modest, unnoticeable—a small building in the middle of nowhere, overshadowed by the much grander stadiums surrounding it in the area. One looking at it would hardly imagine that tough battles of brain and brawn had been fought here, within the four-walled glass towers that housed the squash matches of Singapore’s young athletes. Perhaps that could be forgiven; squash, after all, is not a very common sport. But what it lacks in fame and prestige it makes up for in its sheer intensity, as was proven on 2 May: the day of the Squash Boys’ Finals 2019, where Raffles Institution (RI) and Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) met each other in a fight for third place.

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Defending the Gold: Squash Girls’ Finals 2019

By Shervon Lee (19S06A)
Photographs courtesy of Koh Jia Hao (20S06M) of Raffles Photographic Society

As the students strolled into Kallang Squash and Tennis Centre on the 30th of April, they were greeted by the sharp thuds on the walls. With practiced grace, the squash girls continued their warm-ups, hitting the ball at length along the wall. Soon enough, the referees took their seats in the middle of the stands and the girls filed out of the court, glowing with sweat and determination. In the silence that followed, the first player Eda Lee (20S03Q) held her racket up. With a swift stroke, the ball was served, and the championships were in play.

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Igniting the Flames of Change: Spark 2019

By Megan Soh (20A01B) and Jermaine Wong (20S03R)
Photos courtesy of Celine Chung (20S06H) and Fallon Thng (20S03B) from Raffles Photographic Society

There was no better way to end off a long school week than to attend Spark 2019, a concert organized by Raffles Community Advocates (CA) that aimed to raise awareness of the Deaf community in Singapore. Promising a night of music, dance and theatre, the concert hopes to spark a positive change in attitudes towards the Deaf by bridging the gap between the hearing community and the Deaf community.

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Swimming for Glory and Gold: Swimming Finals 2019

By Clara Shen (20A01A), Gabrielle Ng (20A01E), and Jermaine Wong (20S03R)
Photos courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society

With High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco blasting in the background, the atmosphere at the OCBC Aquatic Centre is lively but tense, as competitors and spectators alike anticipate the sounding of the starting signal. It is the fifth day of the National Schools Swimming Championships, and our swimmers are preparing for their final face off against fierce contenders from other tertiary institutions.

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