The Best Toilets in RI

By: Bryan Ling (17S06C), Andrew Hidajat (17S03I), Bill Puah (17S06B), and Kaushik Rangaraj (17S06P) Additional reporting: Catherine Zou (17A01B) Singapore. Within the international community, we are known for many things. Our high standards of living. Our competitive GDP per capita. Even our food. Something fewer people know about though (unless you’re a Y5 who paid … Continue reading


You Are Our Lighthouse: Teachers’ Day Celebration 2016

By: Bill Puah (17S06B), Nerissa Loe (17A13A) and Sabariesh Ilankathir (17A13A) Photos by: Matthew Toh (17S06H) The 1st of September is an ordinary day for most, but an extraordinary day for teachers in Raffles. Students gathered in school to celebrate our teachers, who have contributed significantly towards educating many generations of students. This year in … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk: RI Slur Culture

By Joan Ang (17A01B) A few weeks ago, my 13-year-old brother came home from school crying. When my parents asked him why, he choked out the phrase, “my senior called me retarded,” and vanished into his room. My brother has a learning disorder. Of course, his senior couldn’t possibly have known this when he said … Continue reading

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MHAW: Beyond White Noise

By Catherine Zou (17A01B), Noor Adilah (17S06B), Tapasya S.(17S03C)   Growing up is, in many ways, an opening of the mind. New knowledge constantly forces apart the closed cocoon of a child’s sensibilities. But while many of us can appreciably point at particular lessons, friends or family members for a lesson on such-and-such, not many … Continue reading

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Navigating Lost Bros

By Abdul Qayyum (17A01B) Featured Image by Janelle Tan Ee Ling (17S06K) “People change” is a statement of advice so frequently lamented by seniors to juniors when asked “what’s it like in JC?” Being a completely foreign arena to most of us, JC has undoubtedly led to unforeseen developments to one’s identity. For instance, it … Continue reading

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