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Being a student again

By Mr Patrick Wong
GP teacher/Raffles Press teacher-mentor


I have been studying for some months now, taking a part-time course three evenings a week. In one of my modules, we covered the concept of empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Or, in a familiar metaphor, to stand in someone else’s shoes.

More aptly, it’s been like sitting in someone else’s chair – the student’s, to be precise. And the experience has deepened my appreciation of what my students may be going through. It has certainly allowed me to understand better why they behave the way they do (sometimes infuriatingly) and made me think about what I expect or ask of them.

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Tick: A New Resource-Sharing Site by RI Alumni

By Elizabeth Leong (18S06G)

With Promos or A’s right around the corner, many of us have been scrambling to find precious study resources – from the depths of our dusty files, from the generosity of our classmates and friends, or from the ever-trusty Internet. During this arduous process, some of us may have stumbled upon Tick, an online resource-sharing platform where all contributions are from fellow students.

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“It’s not so much about teaching, but more about learning”

By Nicki Chan (18S03C) and Ashley Tan (18A13A)

In conjunction with Teacher’s Day, Raffles Press has collaborated with the 37th Student Council’s Teacher’s Day Committee to bring you a series of articles featuring several teachers in Raffles Institution. In this instalment, we feature Mr Christopher Selvaraj, a Project Work tutor.

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