RI200 Special: A Glimpse into Evolving Subjects

Reading Time: 7 minutes

By Joy Tan (23A01D) and Lezann Lee (23A01C)

“How do you pronounce PCME? Like, if HELM is pronounced HEL-M then is PCME pronounced PICK-ME? Also, what does PICK ME actually mean?” asked Physics teacher Mr Harapan Ong, in a commendable attempt to relate the established with the new and trendy. 

Such an attitude is certainly worth extending to our school’s 200-year-old history. In particular, we shine a spotlight on how some of the A-Level subjects offered today have changed to fit our current times and to prepare students for the future. Digging deeper into the stories of these subjects, we piece together what it really means to be honouring the past by inspiring the future. 

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Please Mind the Platform Gap: Subject Previews 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Raphael Niu (23A01A)

Choosing a subject combination is a stressful time for many, especially for those who are not sure of their aspirations or passionate about all the subjects they study. If you’re still torn between Biology and Physics or stuck in a dilemma over whether to take GP or KI, Raffles Press is here to help.

Here is a consolidated list of our Subject Previews, covering every subject currently offered in RI. Most Previews discuss the subject at H2 level, even though an H1 version of the subject may be available as well.

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Please Mind the Platform Gap: Taking H2 French

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Loh Zhao Hong (23S03A)

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for a compelling reason why you should take French at the H2 level, or more likely, you have exhausted the other subjects and needed to pass time. In any case, bienvenue!  

While there are no prerequisites on paper, all prospective students are required to sit for a diagnostic test at the beginning of J1. The format is closer to that of H2 French assessments and it helps you gauge your proficiency to decide accordingly which level to continue at or even at all. 

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Please Mind The Platform Gap: Taking H2 Japanese

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Jolene Yee (23S03A)

“I heard you have to write a 4000 character essay. Is H2 Japanese hard? Are the lessons intense? Is it a big jump from Japanese in Secondary 4?” 

These were just some of the burning questions foremost in my mind at this time last year. Not only did I approach my Senpais and Senseis for advice, I also attempted to seek answers from Google…only to be directed to the SEAB H2 Japanese Syllabus page, which induced no small amount of panic in me.   

And so, to all prospective H2 Japanese learners out there sharing similar concerns with my eager-but-apprehensive-and-hence-torn-between-H2-Econs-and-Japanese self a year ago, わかるよ、その気持ち! Hopefully, this article can be of some help in addressing your queries and relieving your anxieties, and ultimately in making an informed decision about your subject combination. 

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Please Mind the Platform Gap: Taking H2 Knowledge and Inquiry

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Raphael Niu (23A01A)

Knowledge and Inquiry (KI) is one of those subjects often shrouded in mystery. With its small batch size (often no larger than 30) and niche focus (what even is epistemology?), many incoming J1s have no idea what the subject is about, let alone whether they should take it. If you want to know what you’re signing up for before you register for the KI selection test, this article is for you.

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