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In Ourselves: RMUN 2021

By Duncan Phang (22A13B), Mei Feifei (22A13A), Keiran Koh (22S06M)

Debating about maritime oil spills or the 2nd Libyan Civil War in third person in front of a web camera may not be an activity that most would associate with their precious June holidays… except for the delegates attending the 29th edition of the annual Raffles Model United Nations (RMUN) held on 3rd and 4th June this year.

The theme for this year’s RMUN was ‘In Ourselves’: in the words of Russell Choy (21A01B), Secretary General of RMUN 2021, “a call for us to look inward and to find the strength we need to make things better in the ways that we can.” 

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Aloha to the Old, Aloha to the New: Council Investiture 2021

By Keiran Koh (22S06M) and See Man Teng (22S03A)

Picture This:

You are in Hawaii, the palm trees are swaying in the balmy afternoon breeze and suddenly out of the blue… you see the 41st Students’ Council? 

While travelling and meeting each other in person may be impossible given the COVID-19 situation, Council has successfully integrated the sense of Hawaiian spirit into its investiture this year. Having investiture online this year is a reminder to all Councillors that the passion to serve the school can transcend all obstacles, including physical distance.

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RSS Mental Health Strand 2021

By Elizabeth Paulyn Gostelow (21A01B) and Max Chwa (21A01B)

One thing’s clear: everyone needs a breather from JC life.  

The pandemic’s impact extends far beyond the physical realm. How many more online classes, cancelled CCA sessions and shortened MEP curriculums can one student take? The lack of social interaction in our schedules has undoubtedly had detrimental effects on our mental health. Avenues for relieving stress—from movie watch parties at the Shaw Foundation Library to visiting My Rest Space (MRS)—have been closed off, leaving Rafflesians with a sense of choicelessness and entrapment.   

But enough of bemoaning such downers. The Raffles Science Symposium’s Mental Health Strand is here to help students grapple with these issues!

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Writers’ Guild Anthology ’20: [lacuna]

By Clarice Tan (21A01C), Neo Xin Yuan (21A01D), and Tan Yu You (21S03H)
Photos courtesy of Writers’ Guild

The space between two words on a page. The one-metre social distancing gap. The gaps in history and governance. These are just some manifestations of lacuna, the theme of the Writers’ Guild Anthology ’20.

The word itself has an aesthetic appeal reminiscent of dreamy lunar imagery. In truth, the dictionary definition of lacuna is simple: a blank space or a missing part. A gap. But it is the beautiful simplicity of the word that made the wondrous interpretations compiled in this anthology possible.

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Crepúsculo: Orientation 2021

By Afeef Ikhwan (21A13B) and Sara Chia (21S03G)

Once upon a time, the Mary Mountains were kept peaceful by the power of the Sun and the Moon, the kingdom’s Ruler, as well as the five Houses. However, with the weakening of house spirit in the kingdom, the five Houses must restore the balance between the Sun and the Moon to ensure that the sacred state of twilight is not lost forever.

Crepúsculo, literally translating to “twilight” in Spanish, is the theme of this year’s orientation programme! Crepúsculo interlinks a multitude of metaphors. The time spent in junior college is beautiful yet momentary, and as such, should be appreciated while it lasts, much like how twilight is a transitionary period between day and night. Additionally, activities planned for the orientation programme are both safe and adventurous, taking safe management measures (SMMs) into account. 

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