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Pulling Ahead: Ultimate Inter-JCs Finals 2018

By Claire Zhai (19S03B) and Shervon Lee (19S06A)
Photographs by Jiang Jin Liang (19S06N) of the Raffles Photographic Society

In their 2018 CCA preview, featured on “Word of Mouth” earlier this year, Raffles Ultimate pledged to achieve their ultimate goal: attaining the championship title at the annual Inter-JCs. It seemed a hefty vow at the time. But on the 2nd and 3rd of June, it was finally fulfilled. Facing formidable opponents, Raffles Ultimate put up an immensely tough fight, and eventually emerged champions for this year’s season.

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Lights, Camera, Fashion: RPROJ 2018

By Lynn Hong (18A13A), Zhu Xiuhua (18S06A) and Soh Ying Qi (18A01C)
Photos courtesy of Xi Wenhan (19S07A) and Alyssa Marie Loo (19A13A)

If upon entering Joyden Hall on the evening of Friday, 25 May, you’d assumed that you’d somehow wandered onto the scene of a Fashion Week, you’d easily have been forgiven. In the span of 12 hours, the venue had been transformed into a glittering fashion paradise, complete with a full-length runway and rows of empty seats waiting to be filled.

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Raffles Photographic Society: 50by50

By Ina Song (19S07C) and Chloe Wong (19S07C)
Photos by Chloe Tan (19S03E) and Melvin Liam (19S05B)

Held at Dhoby Ghaut’s Visual Arts Centre, 50by50 was an exhibition of works created by members of the Raffles Photographic Society (RPS). The Year 6s were given a box measuring 50 cm by 50 cm – hence the name of the exhibition – to merge their photography with. In their words, “To make truly great art, one must think outside the box. (…) What creative challenge – or opportunity – does the box present? Does the box restrict, provide structure, or take on a completely unexpected meaning? Is the box simply a frame or can it add to or enhance the photograph?”

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Blaze the Bay: ‘A’ Division Dragonboating Finals 2018

By Isabelle Tan (19S03S), Vanessa Lur (19S06Q) and Phang Yeu Yeou (19A01A)

Photos courtesy of Raffles Dragonboating

This year’s ‘A’ Division Dragon Boating Finals was a significant event for the newly established Raffles Dragon Boating team to make a name for the team. They were competing against not only other JCs and polytechnics but also alongside adults from many other organisations ranging from Singapore Prison Service Dragon Boat Team to Breast Cancer Foundation – Paddlers in the Pink (BCF-PIP). Furthermore, the J2s were stepping down after the competition and their desire to leave on a high note was evident. Angelica Ang (18S03K) explained that “today’s race was especially important to us as it was a culmination of our past 1.5 years of hard work, as well as the legacy we would leave behind for the coming batches”.

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On the Second-hand

By Abigail Ang (18S06B)

Donating second hand items is a common experience for many Singaporeans – those who live in HDB flats will have inevitably found the yellow recycling bag on their doorstep from some charity organisation, requesting donations of old clothes, books, toys, and the like. Fewer people are familiar, though, with where these donated items end up. And while it may feel like we are doing good for the environment by recycling these items, the truth of the matter is that our habits of buying-new and donating-old do not do much to reduce waste in the long run.

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