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The Raffles Press Experience: An Interview With Our Members

By Raffles Press

Whether you’re considering Press as a potential CCA or you’re just simply curious about what we do at Press, we have compiled interviews from the Batch of 2021 in this short video for you to find out more about our CCA! For more content like this, do follow our Instagram (@rafflespress)! More information about Raffles Press can be found on our CCA Preview.

CCA Previews ’21: Raffles Press

By Shaun Loh (21A01A), Chairperson

Back when school was closed during circuit breaker, Press was still up and running, churning out articles on HBL and online school activities. When school reopened in Term 3 and live CCA sessions still couldn’t resume, Press was busy preparing for its Teacher’s Day edition.

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CCA Previews ’21: Raffles Runway

By Ryan Vinit Bharathan (21A01C), Chairperson and Adrienne Chew (21A01A), Vice-Chairperson 

The great Donatella Versace once said, “Fashion is about dreaming, and making other people dream.” 

If these wise words of Versace resonate with you, then Raffles Runway—the fashion design club of RI—is just the place for you! In short, we’re a team of student designers who come together and share our passion for fashion with one another. Don’t worry, there aren’t any threads attached (haha, get it?), just an emotional entanglement with the CCA! 

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CCA Previews ’21: Piano Ensemble

By Piano Ensemble

Raffles Institution Piano Ensemble—or RIPE, as we’re more affectionately known—is where we come together to share our love for music beyond your ABRSM or Trinity syllabuses. From Bach to Blackpink, Debussy to Derulo, and everything in between, as long as it’s something we love, we play it, we mash it up, we turn it into a medley. We’re DEFINITELY not your typical performing arts CCA.

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CCA Previews ’21: Mathematics Club

By Le Viet Hung (21S06E), Secretary cum Treasurer, Wang Yunrui (21S06E), Vice-Chairperson and Wang Yuxuan (21S02A), Chairperson

Are you interested in mind-blowing ideas? Are you thrilled by the rush of satisfaction that comes when you finally solve an impossible problem? Do you yearn for a community that shares a common interest with you in Mathematics? Then Math Club would be the place for you!

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