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Raffles Business Symposium 2018: A Shared Passion for Entrepreneurship

By Vanessa Lur (19S06Q) and Isabelle Tan (19S03S)

Photos courtesy of Li Ruiqi (19A01A) and Rachel Tan (19S03T) from Raffles Photographic Society 

As the crowd moved away from the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) towards the dinner reception, smiles were all around and laughter could be heard echoing across the hall. One person in particular, Jiang Jin Liang (19S06N), the head of the planning committee for RBS, could be seen walking around with a look of relief, a stark contrast to his previously tense countenance. Raffles Business Symposium (RBS), an annual event held by Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network (REN) had just ended, boasting an attendance of roughly 100 youths from various schools, all with a common passion for business and entrepreneurship.

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Come Heed the Call: Promethean Ceremony 2018

By Yoon Shwe Yee (19S03B) and Kwee Qiao Ying (19S03K)

Photos courtesy of Andrew Yap (19S06Q) and Ku Cheng Yong (19S06G) from Raffles Photographic Society 

How many of us know what the word “Promethean” really means? We mumble it every Wednesday morning during the Institution Anthem—“that cast Promethean flame”—, but its meaning remains elusive to most of us. For the uninitiated, Promethean means to be daringly creative or innovative, as its namesake Greek God Prometheus was, which perfectly encompasses the leadership journey of the Year 6s. The Promethean Ceremony, held on 1st August, was an event to acknowledge the unique contributions of each CCAL in bringing our school to greater levels of excellence, and marked the handing over of leadership from the Year 6s to the Year 5s.

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Staffroom Blues: A Day in the Life of a Teacher

By Loh Su Jean (19A01A), Rachel Lee (19A01D), and Kuang Shane Qi (19A13A)

Monday mornings: exhausting, tedious, dread-inducing. This isn’t unfamiliar to the frazzled, sleep-deprived Rafflesian. But this particular Monday morning doesn’t belong to your regular Rafflesian. It belongs to three faces you may have seen in lectures or glimpsed along corridors: Ms Fiona Lio, Mr Gerald Choo, and Ms Ng Mei Sze.

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RCY Blood Donation Drive: We Feel No Fear and We Feel No Pain

By Loh Su Jean (19A01A) and Loh Lin (19A01D)

Photos courtesy of Celine Chua (19S03H) 

On the Wednesday afternoon of 25 July, an antiseptic hush descends upon the Innovation Centre. The usually empty space is now unrecognisable. A dozen reclining chairs have taken over the room, flanked by standing trolleys of medical tubing, bags, and bandages. When we arrive at 3 PM, six students are already occupying these chairs, arms outstretched and fingers curling around foam pumps. The blood donation drive is smoothly under way.

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It’s the Simple Things We Forget

By Mr. Christopher Selvaraj from the KS Department
Cover photo by Differantly, a Paris/Berlin-based artist duo

These can be challenging times to think through the state of race relations in Singapore. Growing sensitivities to micro-aggressions and unconscious biases, racial privilege and cultural appropriation, reductive representations and linguistic assault, among other things, have made for a brew of simmering discontent that periodically spills out into our collective consciousness. These are complicated times – and it can seem simpler to sit and watch the waters swell.

So it was with great interest that I read Is Appreciation Enough?” by Phang Yeu Yeou and Loh Lin, and On Racism and Chinese Privilege” by Soh Ying Qi, a couplet of two recent thoughtful commentaries that set out to carefully consider racial harmony and race relations in Singapore. Both pieces reflect authors keen and willing to lay out the depth, complexity, and nuance of race relations. Both pieces reflect authors grappling with an important question: Are we doing enough to weave solidarity and community from the threads of diversity in which we find ourselves entangled? In both pieces, the answer to this question is “no”.

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