Singapore Writers Festival Returns

By Zara Karimi (18A01A) and Nadine Staes-Polet (18A01B) Clear out your calendars for the second week of November, because the Singapore Writers Festival is back with its 20th edition! The Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) is an annual literary event organized by the National Arts Council (NAC). Over the past few decades, SWF has grown from … Continue reading

Graphically Speaking: Merry StuDying!

By Zacchaeus Chok (18S03O) Student life is best summed up in three factors – work, leisure and sleep. By adjusting these variables, we try to elevate our overall well-being and enjoyment. Certainly, we have noticed variation among the cohorts of students – the imbalance of work, leisure and sleep is a trend, with some working … Continue reading

Being a student again

By Mr Patrick Wong GP teacher/Raffles Press teacher-mentor I have been studying for some months now, taking a part-time course three evenings a week. In one of my modules, we covered the concept of empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Or, in a familiar metaphor, to stand in someone else’s … Continue reading

We’re Bringing Broadway Back, Baby

By Elizabeth Leong (18S06G) and Zara Karimi (18A01A) You may have heard of them from their Instagram account, from their posters around school, or by word of mouth. You may have even attended their last show in January. Yes, the lively presence of the Broadway Babies was certainly hard to miss last Wednesday at the … Continue reading

Tick: A New Resource-Sharing Site by RI Alumni

By Elizabeth Leong (18S06G) With Promos or A’s right around the corner, many of us have been scrambling to find precious study resources – from the depths of our dusty files, from the generosity of our classmates and friends, or from the ever-trusty Internet. During this arduous process, some of us may have stumbled upon … Continue reading

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