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TouRIsts: Ann Siang Hill & Telok Ayer Green Park 

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Chern Huan Yee (22S06A), Chung Thong En (22S06N) and Jason Sutio (22S06U) 

Ann Siang Hill and its neighbouring Telok Ayer Green Park allow you to take a breather from the stresses of the future… by escaping to the past.

The Chinatown-Telok Ayer area might be more well-known for its markets and food, but you should not miss the two parks it contains that preserve the old Singapore in the middle of urban development.

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TouRIsts: Istana Park

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Chern Huan Yee (22S06A), Chung Thong En (22S06N) and Jason Sutio (22S06U) 

Travelling to Istana Park is relatively easy with its accessible location—directly next to exit B of the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Once you ascend the escalator and into the centre of the park, you will be greeted by a large Festival Arch and pool. To the left and right of the Arch is an Art Space and Heritage Gallery. However, these attractions are not where you can find the monarch of Istana Park eating.

Instead, this “king” resides in a more secluded, natural environment—a pond to the left of the arch.

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Rafflesian Times: Issue #9 Preview

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe following is a preview from the upcoming Issue #9 of the Rafflesian Times, slated for release next Monday.

The Rafflesian Times is Raffles Institution’s school magazine. It is jointly produced by CCA groups Raffles Publications and Raffles Press, together with the Raffles Institution Communications, Alumni Relations and Advancement Department. We serve up succulent stories on Rafflesians (and friends of RI) past and present.

In this issue:

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