Author: Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A)

An Ode to Waffles…

Reading Time: < 1 minute

By Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A), Camillia Anum Mohamad Ashraff (24S03B), Cao Yuhan (24S03M), Chandrasekaran Shreya (24S06A), Cheah Zong Heng (24S06P), Chia Kei Yin (24S03C), Dang Tran Minh Phuong (Annie) (24A01A)

Being a Rafflesian may be a vastly different adventure for different people, but the spark of joy when a classmate asks “Anyone wants something from Chill?”, the anticipation of biting into a freshly-baked waffle, and the glee in comparing waffle flavours with friends are central parts of the RI experience. Raffles Press dives into stories behind the waffle-making process and what waffles truly mean to Rafflesians.

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“Hasbro? No, Has Been”: CLUE, In Retrospect 

Reading Time: 10 minutes

By Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A) and Camillia Anum Mohamad Ashraff (24S03B) 

Photographs courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society and Raffles Players

On 13 May 2023, Raffles Players held their annual College Production at RI’s very own Performing Arts Centre. This year, they staged a sold-out show of Clue.

Three months on, Raffles Press looks back on the production, as well as its journey to the stage from two perspectives: the audience (Arissa) and Raffles Players themselves (Camillia).

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Serves of Steel: A Sterling Performance at the Tennis (Boys) Finals

Reading Time: 6 minutes

By Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A), Chandrasekan Shreya (24S06A), Fiona Ting (24S06A) and Michelle Lee (24A01A)

Rafflesians supporters with their fists raised, before a resounding medley of cheers. 
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Raffles Refurbishes: J Block

Reading Time: < 1 minute

By Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A), Dang Tran Minh Phuong (24A01A) and Shannen Lim En-Qi (24A01A)

Fresh coats of paint. New air-conditioning and whiteboards. A sense of renewal. J Block has been renovated! Raffles Press interviews students and our esteemed principal, Mr Frederick Yeo, on the recent renovations at J Block and what is to come.

According to Mr Yeo, upcoming renovations include replacing the parasols by the canteen, switching to LED lights to reduce our school’s carbon footprint and clearing the centrally located lockers to make way for new, clean study spaces for all students. On an even more exciting note, the chairs and floors of LT 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be replaced to make learning even more conducive. In the future, RI students can look forward to a cleaner, greener and more inclusive school environment for all!

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Aunt Agony and Uncle Upset: Coping or Quitting?

Reading Time: 6 minutes

By Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A) and Kimberly Chong Rui En (24S06Q, Peer Helper)

Your resident Aunties and Uncles are back with our Ask Aunt Agony and Uncle Upset column, this time as a collaboration between Raffles Press and Peer Helpers’ Programme (PHP)! Ever wanted to rant about that someone you just can’t stand? Overwhelmed with too many feelings? Submit your confessions to and we’ll give them our best shot. This column will be published at the end of every month.

How do we cope with the times we just want to give it all up and “quit”? What can we do?

Surrendering Sally

Dear Surrendering Sally,

At certain junctures in our lives, the weight of commitments, relationships, and academics on our shoulders leave us on shaky footing. A singular, dreadful question uproots our facade of stability: should we give up? 

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