Farewell Mr Yeo!

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By Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A), Chia Kei Yin (24S03C), Jermaine Lee (24A01A), Shannen Lim En-Qi (24A01A) and Syaura Nashwa Rasyiddin (24S03R)

From his dedication to the planning of RI200 Bicentennial events, to his warm greetings at morning assemblies, Mr Frederick Yeo has certainly gone far and beyond as our PRI. When asked to describe his time in RI in three words, he jokingly quipped: “It’s been fulfilling”.

Certainly, there is truth in those words, with his contributions that range from shaping a school culture that welcomes those of diverse backgrounds, to the implementation of GAP Day for students to further their self-driven interests. 

One of his most significant contributions to the school has been the emphasis on D.I.C.E (Diversity, Inclusivity and Community Engagement). Beyond programmes that have been designed with D.I.C.E as its guiding principles, Mr Yeo embodied the very essence of these principles in his leadership.

Be it acknowledging the efforts of students who embarked on CE01 projects, or striking informal conversations with Y1-4 and Y5-6 students along corridors, Mr Yeo is one who cares deeply about the ideas, stories and ambitions of Rafflesians. 

Indeed, Mr Yeo has always led with a heart to serve, igniting the Promethean flame with his hope that Rafflesians take on that same mantle of service. He is certainly one who has made a mark on the lives of many a Rafflesian, from both the Y1-4 and JC campus. On behalf of the Rafflesian family, we wish Mr Yeo all the best on his new appointment! 

Watch this video below for some of Mr Yeo’s parting words to Rafflesians:

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  1. Dear Team Raffles Press,

    Thank you for the excellent interview of PRI and his parting words for Rafflesians.

    The sound was soft although one will need to strain one’s ears to hear clearly.

    Is it possible to amplify the sound or have subtitles for the interview?

    Once again, thank you for the hard work.

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