CCA Previews ’23: Raffles One Earth

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By Julia Koh (23S03F, Chairperson), Wang Siqi (23S06A, Vice-Chairperson)

Thinking about environmental issues may seem at best too broad a topic and at worst impractical to some who may not see the urgency of the issue at hand. As members of Raffles One Earth, we are here to promote a green environment and raise awareness about protecting the environment for both present and  future generations. 

Being part of Raffles One Earth means campaigning together with like-minded members to raise awareness about environmental issues we are passionate about. A typical One Earth member attends a CCA session every Tuesday from 3.45pm to 5.30pm in Computer Lab 3, during which the magic of brainstorming ideas for our Student Initiated Projects (SIPs) and CCA-organised projects occur.  

Being part of this CCA, we take ownership of our projects and enlighten our target audience about how they can be actively involved in caring for the environment. With the guidance of our teacher in-charge, Ms May Wong, we plan and carry out projects both within and outside our school. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we haven’t had the opportunity to carry out any Student Initiated Projects (SIPs) in the past 3 years. Nonetheless, we managed to carry out numerous batch projects as a CCA, such as Ecoweek 2022,  Eco-fest and World Endangered Species Day

Raffles One Earth organised Ecoweek 2022, which aims to promote environmental issues, such as energy conservation and mindful consumption, among our school population. This event saw an Instagram campaign which exposed the school to various  environmental issues and actively engaged them in cultivating good habits for the environment. 

2022 Ecoweek Instagram post on Fast Fashion

Most notably, we collaborated with Raffles Runway in 2022. We held a donation drive for old clothes and Runway used those clothes to design innovative outfits. The goal was to discourage fast fashion by showing students pre-loved clothes can be upcycled to become beautiful pieces of clothing that you can piece together to create eye-catching outfits. 

Outfits made by Runway from recycled materials

In 2022, we also organised an Eco-fest (not to be confused with Eco-week) to educate students about environmental issues such as wildlife and food security. The highlight was a virtual Escape Room designed by our very own CCA. Participants solved riddles, crosswords and responded to questions to find a way out of the rooms. Their knowledge about the environment was put to the test through numerous mind-boggling quizzes within a time limit. 

Our virtual escape room in 2022, one of the main themes being protecting natural spaces

Following the Eco-fest was World Endangered Species Day, where  we shone a light on the lives of wild animals who have lost their habitats due to the actions of humans. To do so, One Earth members designed an Instagram post to educate the school about various endangered species, including Hawksbill turtles, Malaysian Tapirs and Hornbills.  

Snippets of World Endangered Species Day’s Instagram post

It is everyone’s duty to live responsibly and tackle the environmental issues facing us. Raffles One Earth would like to warmly welcome all interested Year 5s to sign up for our trials come 2023. We believe that Raffles One Earth is more than just a CCA for all members. Rather, it is a platform for innovative individuals to come together and a springboard for you to bring your ideas, passions and beliefs to life. Our selection process involves just a short and simple interview. Do join us if you are interested; we look forward to meeting you!

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