CCA Previews ’23: Shooting

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By Juan Lui (Captain) and Olivia Koh (Vice-Captain)

In any other situation, if you were caught holding up a gun—especially in a school—the police would have been called without hesitation. But here in Raffles Institution’s very own shooting range, no intervention is needed. A heavy wooden sign —blood red—is placed outside the range as a warning. A scarlet flag hangs just beyond the range door. A neon light  flickers on: “Firing in Progress”. Inside, the shooters take up their positions at their respective lanes, as pistolers carefully remove their silver pistols from their cases and riflers put on their stiff suits. At the back of the range stands Coach Li, arms crossed over his chest, watching silently as his students get ready. Soon, the first shot reverberates. Training has begun.

In a country like ours, with strict gun laws, the only guns you have probably ever tried shooting are Nerf guns or water guns. But we know, deep down, you’ve always  secretly longed for the experience of raising a gun, aiming at the target and firing a shot, secret-agent style. If so, Raffles Shooting is the place for your 007 dreams to come true.

In shooting, there are 2 weapon categories: air pistol and air rifle. The air pistol is held one-handed and weighs about a kilogram while the rifle is held two-handed and weighs  about 5 kilograms. The target is positioned 10m away from the firing line and we will have 60 shots in competition to try and achieve the highest score possible. Sounds pretty simple, right? 

Not at all! In fact, Shooting  requires more than just accuracy and a strong passion for the sport. Unlike most sports, where athletes focus on developing speed, strength and agility, shooting centres around mental endurance, patience and focus. It  is an artful combination of determination and patience, a struggle against the mind’s instincts to overthink and overdo. 

Only  through their level-headedness and unwavering focus can a shooter truly excel. Let shooters’ cool demeanours and the seeming ease with which they compete not fool you, for shooting is not merely a well-timed squeeze of a trigger, but a test of the mind. Under the immense pressure of a competition, a shooter needs to battle his very mind to execute each of the 60 shots with precision and accuracy. Our training teaches us  the valuable skills of consistency, determination and mental strength, setting us up for success not just in the sport, but in life.

Shooters during a typical training session.  (Picture taken before range was renovated)

A VERY hardworking and focused shooter in action! 

Apart from teaching us personal values, Shooting also provides us with a second home. Being a fairly small CCA, with around 25 members each year, we  are able to forge strong bonds and friendships that last throughout and even beyond our 2 years in JC. After all, CCA is not just about one’s individual success, it is about ensuring that the whole team improves together toward a common goal. In fact, it is here in CCA that shooters find their second home, a family of capable individuals that is always here to motivate and support us no matter how taxing life gets. Through the many interactions we have, be it during or outside of training, it is here in Shooting CCA that we form unforgettable memories with our batchmates, who always support us no matter how taxing life gets. 

Training sessions:

Tuesdays [During competition season]

(4.30pm to 7.30pm)


(8am to 11am)


(3.30pm to 6.30pm)

Usually, CCA takes place 2 times a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays, with an additional session on Tuesday during competition season. A typical session takes place in our own shooting range in school. Being one of the only schools in Singapore with full electronic target systems, our shooters are able to accurately replicate competition conditions during training. 

Our very own shooting range.

Now, one may think that shooting is an individualistic sport. That is true to a certain extent—but in Raffles Shooting, we place emphasis on building camaraderie between teammates and therefore have multiple bonding sessions each year, along with a CCA camp which usually takes place during the March holidays each year.

Want to be in a cool CCA and make lifelong friends at the same time? Raffles Shooting is the place for you!

Batch of 22’ and batch of 23’!

Achievements & Highlights for 2022

NTU Invitational Shoot 2022

Girls’ Pistol: Gold

Boys’ Pistol: Silver

Girls’ Rifle: Bronze

Boys’ Rifle: Gold

2022 National Inter-School A Division Shooting Championships

Girls’ Pistol: Gold

Boys’ Pistol: Bronze

Girls’ Rifle: Silver

Boys’ Rifle: Gold

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