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By Christine Sim (20S07A), Chairperson

As the merciless sun beats down on our frail human bodies, we point up to the sky and berate the heavens for subjecting us to such agony. Oh, the horror of being subjected to yet another unpredictable month of soaked sneakers and sweat-drenched blouses!

Hold that thought though, it’s just a reality check.

For global warming.

Or not. 

Jokes aside, we here at One Earth are determined to turn our climate woes into productive energy—mainly through self-initiated advocacy projects. Or you can just bask in the glow of having a closely-knitted family of nature-lovers.

To put it simply, we are a CCA that focuses on environment-related service. If you are reading this, we (hopefully correctly) assume that you have an interest in environmental issues and are looking to further your passion, of which we are proud to be your medium of choice.

While it may sound rather daunting to be working on all these activities, fear not, as all of our members start off clueless before being introduced to our wise teacher-in-charge, Ms Wong, and thoughtful seniors. 

A typical One Earth member attends CCA session once a week, during which the magic of brainstorming ideas for our Student Initiated Projects (SIPs) occur. These projects are carried out in groups of three to five, and are incredibly personal as you will be spreading awareness about an environmental issue that you feel strongly for.

Examples of such projects include the Water Conservation workshop, which we held at Zhonghua Primary School, to teach students the importance of water conservation and adopting new habits to prevent water wastage. Others include the Recycling and Plastic Waste workshop at Marymount Convent School, where students are taught DIY crafts using recyclable materials after an introduction to basic recycling through slides and a mini quiz.

Water Conservation workshop at Zhonghua Primary School Care Centre.
Slide on DIY craft for Recycling and Plastic workshop.

Additionally, One Earth had the pleasure of organising our Escape Room: Dystopia, for Team Raffles Games 2019 for the second year running. While we delighted in seeing the faces of our stumped peers when they had to sort plastic items according to their recyclability, we hope they had gained takeaways from our event. (We are optimistic that our message about recycling and climate change has been conveyed.) 

The rules of our game being explained to our hapless participants. (Photo by Andrew Yu of 20S07C)
Our participants finally succumbing to the madness of deciphering morse code. (Photo by Andrew Yu of 20S07C)

So, if you are ready to put on your bamboo-weaved armour and charge with us in our battle against the climate woes of our world, we want you. Of course, there are prerequisites to joining us: a healthy dose of passion for the environment and service is necessary. 

Our selection process involves just a short interview, simple and sweet. Do join us if you are interested; we look forward to meeting you!

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