CCA Previews ’20: Shooting

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By Regin Ow (20S07B), Joanna Ng (20S03G), and Caitlin Fam (20S03N)

What is shooting about, you may ask? 

Well, the majority of our CCA involves us flexing our massive GUNS and our amazing wrist stamina, all while aiming to get that 10.9 before getting so nervous that the following shots are 6 or 7s. 

The anatomy of the average Rifler/ Pistoler may be puzzling, but here is a breakdown: 

  • Glasses-wearing from squinting at the target cards
  • Pale from lack of sun exposure
  • Developed right biceps and underdeveloped left biceps
  • Muscles built for not just strength, but stamina
  • Looks coolest when shooting
  • High risk of lead poisoning and infertility from pellets
  • S c o l i o s i s 
  • Prolonged knee and back pain 

Despite the dangers of shooting, shooting still has its perks! Our injury rate is extremely low, due to our repetitive reps and inactivity. Abrasions? Nope. Sprains? Never heard of her! If you want to be injury-free and experience minimal levels of physical exertion while still being able to pull off the swag of a sports CCA, shooting may be the sport for you! 

We train twice a week during off-peak season and thrice a week during peak season (February-April). We shoot at the shooting range, which, yes, does exist in RI. It’s hidden behind the canteen, where no one really bothers to venture to. Upon initiation into the CCA, you will be guided there and given your very own gun, cylinder, shoes—all the proper tools to begin your quest for global domination, or at least National School Games (NSG) domination. Nearing our competitions, we are further prepped for the Competition Adrenaline by having trainings at Yishun SAFRA. 

Thankfully, we are always under the guidance of our dedicated coaches—Coach Qian, Coach Li, and Coach Ding, who are experts at the sport, even having competed in the Olympics. Under their consistent guidance, our team often finds ourselves doing respectably in our competitions.  In the last NSG, we managed 3 team golds and 1 bronze. But as our coaches always reiterate, shooting is about the process, not the results. 

Besides the National School Games, we also regularly participate in the annual NUS and NTU invitational shoots, as well as Singapore Cups throughout the year, giving us plenty of opportunities to amass our competition experience.

In the process of training for these competitions, and travelling back and forth from Yishun SAFRA, we are able to forge strong bonds with our batchmates which we hold dear to our hearts. It’s always reassuring to know that after leaving the firing line, what we have is a team that will be there for us regardless, and who will cheer us on through thick and thin. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Shoot your shot now!



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