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Get Up On Your (Press) Soapbox!

by Noor Adilah (17S06B)

While the word soapbox may carry negative connotations today, its origins are rooted in a history of public discourse from everyday people about issues that mattered to them. The literal soapbox in itself – a wooden crate which members of the public use as a platform to voice their thoughts in a public setting – underlies the nature of soapboxing. This environment of freely expressing one’s thoughts in public may come to define the freedom of speech in America, or create spaces like Speakers’ Corners in Hyde Park and Hong Lim Park. However, we rarely have any space for such discourse to occur in RI.

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Pressing Ahead: One Small Step for Presses…

By Bay Jia Wei (17S06R), Bill Puah (17S06B), Catherine Zou (17A01B)

What exactly is a student journalist?

The term seems straightforward, but its definition is complex. One could conjecture that it is someone who is well-read, inquisitive, perceptive, nosy or verbose; or maybe, it is simply someone observant enough to wonder about their school experiences. We weren’t sure, either, what to expect arriving in LT3 for the Pressing Ahead symposium on 9 April 2016 – and this uncertainty was the crux of the programme. As the first ever conference of different Press clubs, the anticipated outcomes and learning remained as great, and somewhat suspenseful, unknowns.

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A Final Letter: Looking Back to Stride Forward

By Lee Chin Wee (14A01B)


For the first time in more than twelve months, a Raffles Press article appeared on Word of Mouth without my direct oversight. I found my cursor reaching reflexively for the ‘share’ button, my fingers ready to type out a Facebook message instructing my team to re-post the article. I catch myself. Moments later, the article is publicized by new people, with different names and profile pictures which I have yet to firmly associate with Raffles Press. Perhaps this is what Bertha Henson means when she writes on her blog – “This morning, May 10, my newspapers didn’t arrive at my door step. (It) has finally dawned on me that I am officially an ex-journalist and no longer entitled to free newspapers – which I have had for 26 years.” While my year in charge of Raffles Press pales in comparison to her storied career as a journalist and editor for the Singapore Press Holdings, I could immediately identify with her sentiments. It is an unsettlingly foreign, yet cathartic experience to find myself missing the daily mundanities of editing sports or arts reviews throughout the night, the chagrin of making a bad editorial decision, or the joy of seeing a well-written article go viral for all the right reasons.

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Farewell Editorial: Why Raffles Press Matters

by Chua Jun Yan

From then...
From then… now
…to now

Over 200 articles and 300,000 hits later, I think it’s important to take a stand back and ask the big question – why does the Rafflesian journalist matter? In a turf where there are no medals to be won, only stories to be told, what is the existential justification for Raffles Press?

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