Raffles Recipes

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By Fiona Ting (24S06A), Iman Talia (24S03E) and Vera Heng (24S03R)

All of us love food… but who really loves food? Let’s take a insider look into the world of foodies among our beloved RI teachers and at the wonderfully delectable recipes they have concocted for themselves and their families.

If you have some spare time during the holidays, you can try making your own version of the recipes provided! Watch the videos below for an in-depth interview of our teachers, and perhaps you’ll learn something new about them.

Q: Can you introduce yourself and what you teach?

Q: Tell us about some things you like to eat.

Q: What do you love most about food?

Q: Do you cook? Who do you cook for?

Q: Do you have any rituals, habits or preferred environments when cooking?

Q: Can you tell us about a recipe/dish you really like?

Q: Are there any cuisines that you especially enjoy?

Q: Are there any restaurants or food stalls you’d like to recommend?

Q: Tell us about someone who influenced your food journey.

Q: Can you share one piece of food-related wisdom?

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