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By Cao Yuhan (24S03M) and Chandrasekaran Shreya (24S06A)
Photographs courtesy of Raffles Photographic Society.

Are you going to SLAY?

This was the most frequently asked question in the weeks leading up to the first physical Raffles Runway RProj Showcase since 2020.

On 23 May, Raffles Runway taught us how to slay with their annual runway showcase of pieces created by the designers of Batch 2023. From fierce power suits and trendy streetwear to Y2K style mini dresses and sophisticated gowns, the designers showed us their own interpretations of this year’s theme, SLAY. 

Faction A

Faction A displayed 6 modern looks done by 4 designers, with inspirations from pop culture and recent style trends.

Inspired by nature, Fitri Nurbalqis’ (23S06R) design, The Lobelia, was an oversized, cobalt blue blazer paired with a traditional batik skirt and black boots. This delicate look truly encapsulated the vibrancy and beauty of the blue flower. 

The Lobelia, by Fitri. Modelled by Wen Baihe (23S06J).

Raeanne Cheong’s (23A01D) designs paid homage to films she liked, her outfits blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity. Her first look was inspired by the movies, Jennifer’s Body, Wild Child and Kingsmen–films that epitomise the trope of “having fun while being a girlboss”. 

Raeanne’s first design. Modelled by Karina Soetama (23A01F).

Raeanne’s second design was also inspired by movies. This time, an iconic yellow plaid blazer and skirt paired with a poncho fused classic American movies: Clueless and American Psycho. 

Meanwhile, Yumni Jalil (23A01E)’s two designs displayed the variety of ways “SLAY” can be interpreted. The sweet patchwork tube top and chiffon skirt donned by Cece was a stark contrast to the edgy blue blazer and power suit worn by Alya. 

Yumni’s two designs. Modelled by Cece Cao (23A01E) (left) and Alya Qistina (23A01E) (right).

Angela Goh (23S06I)’s design was sleek and chic, fitting for the streets of New York City. With a pearl cowl top matched with a black long-sleeve underneath and an asymmetrical black skirt, Angela’s modern design was a fitting transition into the next faction.

Faction B

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” With more neutral colours in its designs, Faction B explored simplicity and elegance. 

Continuing with her theme of nature, Fitri’s second design was The Dahlia. With a flowy, rosy pink top made with a shimmery, sheer fabric, Fitri hoped to capture the vibrant and rich hues of the dahlia flower. Balancing the sweetness of the top with a pair of modern, wide-legged jeans accentuated the puffy sleeves and gave the outfit a look fit for a glamorous night out. 

The Dahlia, by Fitri. Modelled by Syarifah Syaza (23S06B).

Inspired by the “coquette” aesthetic, popularised by singer Lana Del Rey, Yumni’s final design was a black leather mini dress with white embroidered hearts. The black leather achieved a soft grunge look while the ruffles and ribbons brought out a feminine and girly style. 

Yumni’s “coquette” aesthetic inspired design. Modelled by Shreya Singh (23S03C).

Angela’s final design was a red two-piece outfit with delicate gold details, black gloves and a tulle train. Influenced by femme fatales portrayed in modern movies, Angela wanted to show strength in her designs– and she did. The designs’ bold and deep colours, paired with the models’ sharp gazes and unfaltering steps, made for an intimidating walk down the runway.  

Angela’s second design. Modelled by Seraphine Lai (23A01A).

In Chinese mythology, Houyi was an archer, but to Loh Zhao Hong (23S03A), Houyi was a petulant child who was full of human greed. Basing her design on the story of Houyi, Zhao Hong’s design consisted of a black top with gold oriental details and black pants. “My collection represents the contrast between reckless ambition of the youth and the wisdom of the elderly.”

Zhao Hong’s design. Modelled by Huang Yuan-Ching (23A01D).

Laura Ng’s (23S03C) first design that walked the runway was a fit-and-flare dress in white and red. “The dress holds the curves of the body and I really wanted the dress to emphasise the hourglass shape of the body,” she explained. By accessorising the dress with a cream-coloured beach hat, Laura made her design very fitting for a summer vacation by the beach.

Keeping up with the red and white theme, her second design was a red, sleeveless jacket top with a knee-length circle skirt. The black buttons that Laura styled the top with added a preppy look to the outfit. Laura’s elegant design seemed like a perfect outfit for high tea. 

Laura Ng’s designs. Modelled by Gwen Chong (23A01B) (left) and Charissa Lim (23A01D) (right).

“What does it mean to really take and make a stand?” This was the question Zixing posed to the audience when introducing his two designs. Zixing’s designs revolved around the idea of the lush party life that is dark and whimsical. His first design was a black sleeveless top and flared jeans with beading sewn by hand. 

Zixing used the same idea of dark fabric and red beading in his second design. This time, he styled a single-sleeve top with an asymmetrical skirt to complete the edgy, modern look.

Zixing’s designs. Modelled by Karina Soetama (left) and Wen Baihe (right).

Finishing off the designs from Faction B, Min Yung’s two outfits were named “The Black Widow” and “The Lady in White”. In the former design, Min Yung portrayed a 1920s widow by styling a black qipao with red lining and frog buttons. 

Min Yung’s designs. Modelled by Huang Anni (23S03N) (left) and Julia Wang (23S03A) (right).

“The Lady in White”, however, was inspired by Japanese horror films. It consisted of a translucent overcoat and a white dress accessorised with a necklace with red teardrop-shaped beads. 

Faction C

The last faction showed us vibrant colours and new, interesting silhouettes based on the designers’ unique interpretations of “SLAY”.

Continuing on from her inspiration from the tale of Houyi and the Ten Suns, Zhao Hong’s second design represents the golden sun that is about to perish. The gown consisted of a gold corset top with a golden, sheer fabric that made up the skirt. “She is just moments away from her death, yet it is still a beautiful and moving scene,” Zhao Hong explained.

Zhao Hong’s design. Modelled by Cece Cao (23A01E).

Bold and vibrant, Laura Zheng’s two designs used an eye-catching colour palette of blue and orange. Basing her designs on the theme of “Day & Night”, Laura’s first design was a beige dress paired with an orange crinoline and a gold headpiece, representing the day. Her second design, representing night, was a blue gown with a silver crown and orange gloves. 

Laura’s ‘Day’ design. Modelled by Charissa Lim (23A01D).

Influenced by her love of regal gowns, Jingxi designed a white dress with a halter neck top and red wire flowers on the skirt. Accessorised with a silver mask and a wand resembling a sceptre, Jingxi’s gown mimicked that of a queen, displaying power and strength. 

Jingxi’s design. Modelled by Gwen Chong (23A01B).

Similar to Jingxi, Sheryl’s inspiration for her designs also came from regal gowns and mediaeval dresses. She was also inspired by the prequel to “Game of Thrones”. Her first design was a navy blue maxi dress with a green brocade side panel and her second was a cloak styled with a monochromatic two-piece set. 

Sheryl’s design. Modelled by Shreya Singh (23S03C).

Rae Yen took inspiration from warriors in both of her designs. The fiery red asymmetrical dress she styled represented an intense, destructive inferno. Rae Yen accessorised the look with a sword, wrist cuffs and black gladiator strappy heels. Her second design was a blue gown and cape inspired by celestial bodies. Rae Yen chose the rich blue shade of the fabric to convey not only power but also grace. 

Rae Yen’s designs. Modelled by Seraphine Lai (23A01A) (left) and Karine Hay (23S07B) (right).

Finale: Take A Bow, Designers!

Raffles Runway closing their runway show.

The models sashayed down the runway again in the outfits that had been carefully crafted by the 2023 Year 6 designers. The finale walk marked the end of the first physical runway show hosted by Raffles Runway in 3 years, met with thunderous applause and hollers of support from an enthused audience–filled with friends and family alike. 

Designers conversing with friends and show attendees after the show. 

“I consider the showcase a WIN at the end of the day!” Yumni Jalil (23A01E), said. 

“Fashion is all about creativity and innovation. My advice for looking at fashion is to move away from the big picture. Focus on the details like the careful beading, the luscious draping, the texture! That’s really when the magic of each outfit begins to sparkle.”

Watch the models SLAY their outfits on the Runway:

Raffles Runway’s Designers:

Lee Min Yung (23A01B)

Teoh Jing Xi (23A01B)

Cheong Raeanne (23A01D)

Yumni Binte Abdul Jalil (23A01E)

Loh Zhao Hong (23S03A)

Deng Zixing (23S03B)

Laura Ng (23S03C)

Laura Zheng (23S03C)

Sheryl Tay (23S03L)

Angela Goh Xin Jie (23S06I)

Yeow Rae Yen (23S03M)

Fitri Nurbalqis Binte Mohamed Shafri (23S06R)


Alya Qistina (23A01E)

Cece Cao (23A01E)

Charissa Lim (23A01D)

Gwen Chong (23A01B)

Hayley Tan (23A01D)

Huang Anni (23S03N)

Huang Yuan-Ching (23A01D)

Julia Wang (23S03A)

Karine Hay (23S07B)

Karine Soetama (23A01F)

Seraphine Lai (23A01A)

Shreya Singh (23S03C)

Svanika Vivekanand (23A01E)

Syarifah Syaza (23S06B)

Wen Baihe (23S06J)

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