CCA Previews ’23: Squash

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By Elyphilet Chia (Boys Captain); video edited by Joy Ong (Girls Captain)

What is squash? Squash is a high-intensity racket sport where players take turns to hit the ball against the front wall in an enclosed court. Don’t be fooled by how boring it sounds—squash is both physically and mentally demanding. While the black squash ball might be tiny, if hit with the right technique, it can reach unbelievable speeds of up to 280km/h!

What is even more interesting is that squash allows players to make use of all four walls as long as the ball touches the front wall every shot. Players can also make use of different angles of the walls to confuse their opponent, making squash an extremely strategic game as well.

Our Girls’ Team at the 2021 NSGs.

If this piques your interest  but you do not know where to begin, fret not! Our very experienced coach, Coach Allan, as well as our enthusiastic CCA mates would be more than happy to help you. Of course, in order to improve, hard work is a must—which is where our training comes in.

In the period leading up to the highly anticipated National School Games in March, our training is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Apart from the physical training session on Monday, which is held at the New Stadium Track, court trainings are held at Serangoon Gardens Country Club. During court sessions, Coach Allan would lead us through a variety of drills and there are friendly matches at the end of every training session for you to put your skills to the test. 

Most think that the sport is individual, but here at Raffles Squash, we compete and celebrate as one. After all, it takes more than a single player’s effort to succeed. If you have experience playing  squash and are looking for a CCA that you want to call your second home, don’t hesitate to come down for our trials! We’re excited for you to join the family :)

Enjoy our CCA vlog!

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