CCA Previews ’23: Touch Rugby

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By Touch Rugby Exco 2022-23

“Dump. Half. Run.” What does that mean? These are some of the most basic yet important skills a touch player has to master before challenging themselves to this game. 

A game of touch rugby involves 6 players per team, where players will play for 2 20-minute halves with a 1-minute break for half-time. The aim of the game is to bring the ball to the scoreline at the other end of the field and score a touchdown. However, unlike other ball games, attackers can only pass backwards! When the defender makes a touch, the attacker with the ball has to “dump” the ball, where another player from the same attacking team picks up the ball and tries to pass the ball to another player. The game progresses until 6 touches are made, or until a team scores. There will then be a changeover in possession of the ball, and the game restarts. 

Our CCA sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, at the stadium field. A typical training session starts off with a standardised warm-up routine, consisting of runs and ladder exercises, followed by drills, fitness exercises and games that are directed by our coach. At the end of each training session, we usually stay back to play a few mini-games on our own or go for dinner together, enjoying a beautiful sunset in the background. 

So, why Touch Rugby? If you are looking for a CCA experience that emphasizes teamwork, hones your communication and athletic skills, and fosters strong bonds between players, then look no further! In our CCA, you may look forward to participating in many exciting competitions such as the Pan Pacific Master Games and the National School Games (NSGs) where you get the opportunity to compete against overseas school teams and the annual JC league. Furthermore, there will be friendly matches against local teams organised for you and your team to have fun, learn from and bond over.

What if I am not athletic or have no knowledge of Touch Rugby? If you are worried about whether you are competent enough for the sport, rest assured as we are a developmental sport that welcomes everyone regardless of their prior experience. In fact, most join the CCA without any background knowledge of Touch Rugby. 

While one’s athletic ability would definitely be important, other skills like communication, teamwork and perseverance are key on the field and as a team, you would be given the chance to work on these together. Ultimately, as long as you are passionate about the sport, are willing to train hard and put in your best efforts for our CCA, we certainly welcome you! 

Above everything, our CCA is one that does not merely focus on winning, but also on the experiences we share and the friendships we make from training together. Although training under the sun or in the rain may be tough initially, the memories make it all worth it. If you value these unique experiences in JC, we encourage you to join our CCA!  

We look forward to seeing you at our CCA trials! 

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