CCA Previews ’23: Taekwondo

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By Raffles Taekwondo Exco ‘23

An art of self-defence originating from Korea, Taekwondo allows you to learn cool kicks to show off to your friends while having the ability to swiftly disarm any attackers and suavely beat them up without a sweat!

A typical CCA session is held in the ISH (or PAC occasionally), from 8-11am on Wednesdays. Our sessions start with a 10-minute run, followed by dynamic and static stretches. We then do a tremendous number of knuckle push-ups and deep stretches to train us to do perfect 180º splits. Subsequently, we practise our respective poomsaes (patterns of defence and attack movements) and occasionally learn new kicks or do target kicking. Of course, not forgetting the importance of a healthy mind and good physique, we also conduct regular gym sessions.

Ultimately, we are preparing for the main event of the year: the National School Games (NSGs) where we perform either our individual or team poomsae in front of a panel of judges. Apart from NSGs, there are other optional competitions we can take part in, such as Pesta Sukan and the National Poomsae Championships. Additionally, we have termly gradings, allowing us to constantly improve our technique and put our skills to the test! 

Sounds intimidating? Fret not, as you will be able to build a strong support system during your time in Taekwondo! We hold frequent bonding sessions in and out of school to not only compete in fun games but also get to know our teammates better!

Welcoming beginners with no experience, Taekwondo is a developmental CCA with few  prerequisites (although flexibility would definitely be a plus!). 

So what are you waiting for? If this sounds like your cup of tea, then ‘Taekwondo-n’t’ hesitate and Taekwon-do join us!

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