Special Edition: Orientation 2022

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By Raffles Press ’22

Foreword by Mei Feifei (22A13A), Chairperson, Raffles Press ’22

Raffles Institution on 1 Raffles Institution Lane is home to more than a thousand Rafflesians, hundreds of staff both teaching and non-teaching, each individual inspiring and dazzling in their own way. 

For hundreds of years, this institution has been filled with the rich and thriving Rafflesian population: 

Students, who fastidiously attend lectures and do their homework for the wide array of subjects studied and examined (more on page 6); 

Teachers, who navigate the myriad of blocks, levels and classrooms (we have a map for you on page 15) to impart invaluable knowledge and make sure that every student’s life is thoroughly examined (and thus, worth living); 

Canteen vendors and cleaners and gardeners and security guards and the Popular aunties, who make sure we are fed and clothed properly (more advice on page 16). 

Now, the flock welcomes a burst of new life—you, the Year Five, probably somewhat anxious, somewhat excited to begin a new chapter of your education here. No matter what, this edition is for you. 

You may be looking forward to joining a CCA (or two, who’s to stop you?) or a WEP. Perhaps you can’t wait to start your own CE01. (Not sure what these acronyms stand for? Head to page 13) 

Or maybe you aren’t looking so far ahead—the more pressing issue is clearly settling into this almost completely foreign environment (we’ve scattered some tips throughout this edition; for the JAEs, you might find mythbusters on page 24 helpful). 

Coming into a new environment is always a nerve-wracking experience, but hopefully this special edition can help you along as you throw yourself into JC life. It’s only two years, so make it a good run. 

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