Special Edition: Teachers’ Day 2023

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By Raffles Press ’24
Foreword by Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman (24A01A), Chairperson, Raffles Press ’24

Amidst the stresses of school life, the unconditional guidance of our teachers has always been a comforting reminder that there is more to school than the rat race. Our teachers open our eyes to the understated beauty of learning—a spirited endeavour of making mistakes, making meaning, and making memories. 

Imagine a flurry of inside jokes in a rowdy class, students eagerly raising their hands to answer debatable questions, and the occasional anecdote about one’s life. All these imperceptible moments shared with our teachers and woven in our day-to-day ultimately go a long way in helping us fall in love with learning. 

In this Teachers’ Day Special Edition, Raffles Press illuminates the precious, little-known stories about our teachers: their go-to recipes, favourite songs, opinions on r/sgexams, and much more. It is in appreciating the little things like these that help us realise that they are much more than just teachers; they too, are human, with their own hobbies, interests, and lived experiences. 

We hope that when reading these stories, you learn something new about the teachers who’ve taught you, or crossed paths with you along the school corridors. And most importantly, we hope it inspires you to find out more about them in your own time, be it through striking casual conversations with them on the way to class, or reconnecting with them over a cup of coffee once you’ve graduated. After all, it is worth getting to know the people who have shaped our adolescent lives.

To all the teachers that have made an impact on our lives thus far in RI, thank you for your constant passion, determination, and kindness—herein is a loving tribute to your invaluable contributions in making this space our home. Happy Teachers’ Day!

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