CCA Previews ’22: Writers’ Guild

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By Writers’ Guild EXCO’22

Heya, we’re the EXCO of Writers’ Guild (often abbreviated as WG), and we’re here to share more about our CCA with you, prospective applicant!

Writers’ Guild is an open and inviting CCA with free and easy commitment requirements, allowing you to flex your creative muscles. Our CCA day (singular) is Monday, where we hold short sessions up to one hour and a half in length to help our writers get their creative juices flowing!

For any prospective members, be assured that we don’t need any prior experience— just a willingness to write and the ability to keep an open-mind to anything we encounter during CCA. Feel free to apply to us in conjunction with a second CCA as a low-intensity side venture.

One common misconception amongst applicants is that we only do generic creative writing and simply perform peer reviewing for every single session. Of course, the CCA’s name is “Writers’ Guild” so writing and critique is a big part of it, but that is far from all that we do!

During our sessions, we engage in a variety of unique writing activities. Most generally, we tend to share and critique one another’s work in a respectful yet critical fashion (good vibes only!). However, we also attempt to explore a wide variety of different genres and styles! This year, we had sessions focusing on categories like love poetry (tragic, sappy, and everything in between) and microfiction.

Beyond that, we also have sessions where we share our reviews of media from films to comics to regular novels. Our members take this opportunity to share their favourite authors or specific pieces of media, as well as try out a couple of new creators in order to gain inspiration when they’re feeling stuck.

Our vision is to cultivate a large community of authors who can relate to one another, both as peers as well as artists. To that end, we aim to foster positive interactions between all of our members through activities that prioritise social interaction.

Of course, simply writing for yourself is fun, but where authors of all sorts truly shine is when they showcase their talents to the world at large! We encourage all of our members to participate and expand their horizons in a variety of local and international creative writing competitions and events such as Foyle Young Poets and Singapore Writers’ Festival.

Highlights of our CCA include our annual anthology releases compiling the writing of our members! Each batch creates a unique anthology containing a wide variety of styles and themes aligned under a collective vision, reflecting their identity as a batch. At the same time, our members will create a special Anthology Launch event (such as a stage play, or a dramatic reading) for the wider school community to participate in. Most recently, we ran an online mystery-room event where players delved deep into solving the mysterious murder of Captain Theseus aboard a spaceship with a colourful cast of characters.

For any and all aspiring writers with a passion for sharing their work, Writers’ Guild just might be the CCA for you! Even with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, our CCA activities have remained largely uninterrupted as they translate very nicely to an online format, so there’s no need to fear even if things take a turn for the worse. Looking forward to seeing you there next year!

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