CCA Previews ’22: Cricket

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By Rishabh Anand (22S06S), Captain and Aditya Sinha (22S03N), Vice Captain

The ball soars through the air across the field… mud streaks our white jerseys as we dive across the turf, giving it our all to save that ONE RUN and get our team over the line. Though we toil hard under the sweltering heat for hours on end, the brackish taste of the dripping sweat that trickles down to our lips reminds us of nothing apart from Our Final Goal in Mind. 

At Raffles Cricket, we never yield and focus only on the field.

One of the oldest CCAs in Raffles Institution, Cricket, historically also known as the ‘Gentleman’s Game’, has origins dating back to as early as 18th century England. Today, the modern game is enjoyed by millions and is in fact one of the most popular sports in the world. Although easy on the eye, cricket is a demanding sport in a myriad of aspects – rigorously testing one’s cricketing skills not only in batting, bowling and fielding, but also one’s mental strength to endure long hours out on the field. These long hours are usually under tough natural conditions while we constantly strive to maintain the presence of mind and focus to make quick, incisive decisions.

To sharpen our skills to the best of our ability, Raffles Cricket trains twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.30pm to 6.30pm at the Year 1-4 Rugby field. We spend our time giving nothing short of 100% effort in our net sessions, game-scenario practices and fitness sessions; all in preparation for the annual Inter-Schools National ‘A’ Division Championship organised by the Singapore Cricket Association (SCA). Unfortunately, in light of recent times, we have not been able to partake in the games for the past two years. However, we hope to participate in the games of the 2022 season just as in pre-COVID times, when we would play a number of friendly matches with other local and international schools in Singapore as well as the 8-a-side tournament organised concurrently by the SCA. 

Apart from playing for the school, we’ve also organised exciting and innovative VIA projects, overseas trips as well as thrilling cricket camps throughout the year!! During such activities, all of us are rewarded with the opportunity to forge stronger relationships and fonder memories that truly last a lifetime. These events are undoubtedly few of the countless memorable experiences that we all hold close to our hearts.

2019 Haunted House VIA for Sembawang Community Club (for underprivileged children in the community). *Photo taken pre-COVID

RI Cricket Sri Lanka Trip 2017. *Photo taken pre-COVID

Team Dinner in Sri Lanka. *Photo taken pre-COVID

Trials are held every year to assess one’s skills in the game and the various departments of batting, bowling and fielding. Of course, we do not expect you to be a Virat Kohli or a Mitchell Starc ( Renowned Modern-day Cricketers). Instead, what we value the most as a team here is team spirit, commitment and camaraderie. Raffles Cricket is a tightly-knit family and the friendships and bonds that we forge here (as we give our blood, sweat and tears together in our preparation)  are truly the ones that will last for a lifetime (hopefully). 

Jokes aside, we are certainly fierce competitors on the field and even when the going gets tough, we strive to push ourselves and our brothers around us to our limits through our clenched teeth. By creating a warm and conducive environment of mutual respect and understanding, we strive to ensure that every member always feels encouraged, secured and inspired to grow. Perhaps this has been the recipe for our success all these years in clinching various significant titles consistently across all our divisions.

2021 Raffles Cricket Squad *Pictures taken in accordance with SMMs during the prior phase of Covid-19 measures.

If you see yourself as a fit for our team and have a strong passion for the game, Raffles Cricket warmly welcomes you with open arms and we truly hope to see you join our vibrant Cricket family too! :)

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