CCA Previews ‘22: Students’ Council

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By Wong Kin Feng (22S03L), Annika Liu Xinan (22S06D), Tham Yun Xin (22S06D), Chua Jean Ee (22S06E) and Wu Zhijun (22S03L), the 41st Students’ Council PresSecs

Our Council family consists of 65 members, united by our common cause of enhancing the vibrancy of our school experience, strengthening peer support and fostering the unity of our Rafflesian community. 

Each Councillor has two main domains they oversee — one in their department or House Directorate, and one in their function.

41st PresSecs! (Digitally stitched photo).

Led by the Presidents and Secretaries, Council’s 3 departments, 5 House Directorates and 6 functions shape various aspects of our Rafflesian experience. 

Our Departments consist of the CCA Department (CCAD), Communications Department (Commz’D), and the Welfare Department, while the 5 House Directorates include Moor-Tarbet (MT), Morrison-Richardson (MR), Hadley-Hullett (HH), Bayley-Waddle (BW) and Buckle-Buckley (BB). 

41st CCAD! (Digitally stitched photo).

The CCA Department (CCAD) is the core apostle of our Rafflesian spirit and school pride. While typically recognised as the department providing Match Support (MS) in non-COVID-19 times, CCAD is so much more than that. Through helming initiatives such as Spirit Week and Founders’ Day, the department fosters a sense of identity and unity in our Rafflesian community, encouraging Rafflesians to stay grounded to our roots. Besides that, CCAD also serves as a pillar of support for the CCA leaders, aiming to better understand their needs and support them in uniting their CCAs.

41st Commz’D! (Digitally stitched photo).

The Communications Department (Commz’D) is the arm of our publicity and outreach. In charge of the Team Raffles Instagram page, this department engages Rafflesians by keeping them up-to-date with Council-organised events. Another more personable initiative is our in-house video series, Council Hits the Streets, featuring students’ candid responses and views on the latest Rafflesian affairs. This ties into the department’s core mission—to remain grounded by garnering Rafflesians’ opinions and feedback, and bridging our goals with that of the student population’s needs, which is also achieved through other feedback channels like Team Raffles Town Hall.

41st Welfare! (Digitally stitched photo).

Our Welfare Department, helmed by our “Welfairies”, focuses on attending Rafflesians’ wellbeing. There are a few mainstays of the Welfare department, such as Homecoming, to welcome students back to school, Friendship Appreciation Week, for Rafflesians to show their gratitude to their treasured companions, as well as the Mega Mugging Madness, aiming to encourage and motivate Rafflesians in the lead up to major examinations. The Welfairies also look after the Hodge Lodge, a common rest space for Rafflesians to relax and unwind.

All 5 of our 41st House Directorates! (Digitally stitched photos).

The 5 House Directorates, though distinct in identity and competitive in nature, are anchored in our vision “5 Houses to 5 Homes, 5 Homes to 1 Family”. From our annual House Feste featuring fun games like Mario Kart accompanied by buttery popcorn and cotton candy, to Raffles Got Talent (RGT), Team Raffles Games (TRG) and pseudo-reality TV episodes, our initiatives aim to enliven our shared school experience. Through both Combined House Initiatives and friendly competition between the Houses, we’re here to build a warm family. Joining Houses will guarantee you a vibrant, thought-provoking experience that can equip you with the skills necessary for event organization and planning.

Meanwhile, our core functions are National Day,  Teachers’ Day, Graduation Night, Open House, Orientation and Council Camp — all of which (except Council Camp, which is internal in nature) involve the planning and execution of a major school-wide event. 

Despite the ever-changing Covid-19 situation, we continually strive to present a range of unique experiences to our fellow Rafflesians—from our annual Spirit Week to HouseFeste. After all, remaining adaptable by reimagining within the constantly evolving restrictions is one of the many aspects you will take away from your Council journey.

Councillors at a virtual General Meeting on MSTeams.

Of course, as a Councillor, there will be sacrifices to be made along the way—you might find yourself getting less sleep and time with your friends in the days leading up to your initiatives, and toiling away to ensure that your team’s plans will come to fruition. There will also, inevitably, be obstacles present, leaving you with immense frustration and doubt about whether your hard work was even worth it. But it is precisely these challenges that provide you with opportunities for growth, for self-development, enabling you to graduate your term as a stronger leader. Fundamentally, being a part of Council is similar to being part of a vast extended family. You can always count on your fellow councillors to lend a helping hand, a listening ear or even a critical mind whenever in need. 

Ultimately, will your Council journey be absolutely smooth-sailing? Probably not. But will it be worth it? Definitely. At the end of your Council term, we’re sure you will leave Council with a close-knitted family by your side, along with the knowledge that you have made a change and left an impact on your fellow peers.

If being a part of our Council family is an experience you would like to have, do look out for our elections sign-up date on @teamraffles! Hope to see you there!

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