CCA Previews’22: Raffles Runway

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By Raffles Runway Batch’22

216 hours. 12 designers. 1 family. 

Raffles Runway is the perfect home for anyone with an affinity for the world of fashion design. Fret not if pursuing fashion without any prior experience or former knowledge intimidates you, because this was just as new to us a year ago. Learning fashion design may seem like a daunting ambition, but under the right guidance, your technical expertise will come in time. That’s precisely the platform that Raffles Runway provides: a casual yet professional programme that equips you with a suite of useful skills by polishing your creative side.

In Runway, our extensive exposure to a plethora of fashion design skills is a great way for our members to hone and express their creativity. From drafting patterns to sewing seams and buttons, our foundation is built in the first year to prepare us for our annual showcase that starts off the second year. These skills will undoubtedly aid us in future explorations of the fashion industry. Of course, Runway’s programme is not merely limited to fashionista hopefuls. Designing clothing is only part of the Runway experience, as we are guided to take up leadership opportunities and develop competencies beyond the scope of fashion. 

Hard at work: our Runway designers in action. *Picture taken in accordance with SMMs during the prior phase of Covid-19 measures.

All this preparation culminates in RPROJECT, our annual runway show for the graduating batch in April, which showcases the products of months of endless hard work. You finally witness your sketches and fabrics transform into dazzling garments and gorgeous features of the runway, and it’s a breathtaking moment for everyone. After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your own designs materialise!

In preparation for 2021’s RPROJECT, our seniors have conceptualised designs for the theme Eclipse, showcasing the unique collective creative energies that fuel our CCA. 

Sessions are usually held once a week from 8 to 11 in the morning on Wednesdays, though we sometimes arrange ad hoc sessions to complete our garments when time runs tight. Guided by our illustrious teacher-mentors Ms Lim Lizhen and Mrs Ruth Koh, or our very own members, we embark on our year-long journey that takes us from the long hours toiling at the sewing machine to the bright lights and drama of the runway. Beyond that, our 12-strong runway team often gathers during downtime to watch our favourite shows such as the iconic The Devil Wears Prada, even drawing inspiration from the bespoke designs to create reimaginings of our own. 

Draping activity after watching The Devil Wears Prada. *Picture taken in accordance with SMMs during the prior phase of Covid-19 measures.

Outside of regular sessions, we also value forging tight bonds with our members. To include everyone in our closely-knit Runway Family, bonding sessions are never far and few between. Cozying up with light snacks and beanbags at the Hodge Lodge while watching the iconic Meryl Streep in action is definitely a highlight for many, and will remain a cherished memory for days to come.

Even when the pandemic was at its peak this year, we optimised our online sessions as a means of staying connected and learning about fashion beyond the ritualistic grind of sewing, hemming and stitching. Drawing on the extensive tutorials available online, we learnt the basics of pattern-drafting and thus, recreated the joy we share in learning new techniques collectively. Thus, we were able to equip ourselves with the requisite skills to design our own garments independently. 

Online bonding sessions were equally enriching, as we got to know each other better while learning fashion trivia. In commemoration of National Day, Runway organised a member-led session inspired by the local fashion exhibition #SGFASHIONNOW under the Asian Civilisations’ Museums. Not only did this familiarise us with local up-and-coming designers, we also learnt more about their unique interpretations of Singaporean culture and traditions, furthering our knowledge of the vibrant local fashion scene. 

One of our members, Krystal’s National Day outfit design.

If open-mindedness to funky ideas and bold designs, curiosity to explore uncharted territories in fashion-making, and a Burning Desire to see your brainchild come to life resonate well with you, chances are that you are already a designer in the making. 

Join us and find yourself amongst like-minded peers that share your desire to express and create, and flourish alongside your fellow members as budding designers in Raffles Runway!

*Cover image taken in accordance with SMMs during the prior phase of Covid-19 measures.

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