CCA Previews ’22: Taekwondo

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Written by: Max (22S03M), Captain, Sangeetha (22S03I), Captain, Emma (22S03D), Publicity Head, Zoe (22S06N), Welfare Head 

Taekwon-do you want to learn how to kick people? Regardless of whether your answer is yes or no, continue reading on! 

Taekwondo is an art of self-defence originating from Korea that emphasises kicking. It can teach you how to protect yourself in dangerous situations, making you better prepared for unexpected circumstances. Both people new and familiar to Taekwondo are welcome, as long as you have the interest, and are willing to commit and put in the effort! Now you can swiftly disarm an attacker and suavely kick their butt, or simply just run away for 5 minutes. 

Our training sessions typically start with a 5-minute run, which is  followed by dynamic and static stretches. We do a tremendous number of knuckle push-ups (okay, it’s usually just 50), followed by deep stretching (which at times can seem deeper than the Mariana trench… which is about 11,034 meters deep), to train us to do perfect 180 degree splits. 

Occasionally, we also have agility runs, which include lying down and running. We then practice our respective poomsae patterns and occasionally do target kicking and shadow sparring. Don’t worry about your feet though, they’ll be fine : )

Of course, while Taekwondo might only seem like a place for you to kick and punch (mostly the air though due to Covid-19) to destress, there is so much more to the CCA than that. Taekwondo is not just about the experience, but the people we meet, and the skills we learn as well. Our members learn self-discipline, respect, and diligence, which are deeply instilled in the culture of our CCA where we foster a healthy and supportive training environment. 


Where will I start if I’m new?

Beginners start with the white belt and progress to yellow, green, blue, red and finally the black belt. There are two gradings required per belt colour. For example, there is one grading from white to yellow tip, and another from yellow tip to yellow belt. In CCA sessions, we touch on both aspects of Taekwondo — poomsae (pattern) and kyorugi (sparring). Poomsae is a defined pattern of defence and attack motions, with a unique pattern learnt at each belt level. Kyorugi is when you spar someone while being protected by full body gear. However, due to COVID-19, we were limited to shadow sparring and target kicking.

Are there opportunities for me to compete? Must everyone take part in competitions? 

If COVID-19 permits, we will take part in the National Poomsae Competition (held in May) and the Pesta Sukan Singapore Youth Olympics (held in August and September), as well as other competitions available. Everyone will be given a chance to represent our school and participate in these competitions, regardless of your belt level. In 2021, 3 of our teams placed top in their respective competition categories, 2 of which consisted of members who started out with zero experience at the start of the year. 


3rd Place in Yellow-Tip Belt (Team, Male)

4th Place in Yellow-Tip Belt (Team, Female)

4th Place in Black Belt (Team, Female)

This year’s NSG (Girls Team)!!

One of our winning teams!! (Yellow-Tip Team)

How often is training? 

Training is conducted weekly on Wednesday, from 8am to 11am, held internally at the ISH. However, the frequency of trainings may increase nearer to gradings or competitions.

Other fun stuff that we do!

We have team bonding activities to have fun together every semester. On a more frequent basis, our CCA members also look forward to post-CCA batch lunchies.

If reading this has sparked your interest in joining Taekwondo, be sure to keep an eye out for possible trial sessions arranged next year (2022) where you can experience how our regular training sessions are conducted! For further enquiries, feel free to dm us at @rafflestaekwondo (ig) or email us at

So what are you waiting for? Taekwondo-n’t hesitate and Taekwon-do join us!!

*All pictures taken in accordance with SMMs during the prior phase of Covid-19 measures.

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