CCA Previews ’18: Boys’ Brigade Primers

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By Bethanie Lim (18A01B), Tan Yan Ren (18S03A), Soh Jing Wen (18S03Q), Wang Hao Yang (18S06G)

Ever wanted to be in a Sports, Performing Arts, and Clubs and Societies CCA all at once? Look no further! While a Uniformed Group by name, the Boys’ Brigade (Primers Programme) provides a plethora of opportunities that are hard to come by outside of this CCA.

Primers’ Challenge

Like adventure? During our biannual camps, you can take part in urban navigation hikes, using the humble map and compass to navigate yourself through corners of Singapore you may not even have previously known about! Every year, our Primers also get to take part in the “Primers’ Challenge”, a 4D3N camp in Malaysia, where adrenaline-pumping activities such as waterfall abseiling, white water rafting and caving await.

Like marching and want to look smart? We have regular parades and drill practices, upholding high discipline standards as a Uniformed Group. What’s more, our smart white and blue uniform will surely wow your friends and family!

Our Colours Party at Annual Parade

The Boys’ Brigade might not be a Sports CCA, but who says we don’t do sports? Our Primers are responsible for preparing the annual “BB Blaze” competition, an outdoor adventure race where Boys run, cycle and swim a combined 40km. As Primers, we not only plan the training programme for the Boys, but also train alongside the Boys. NAPFA surely won’t be a problem after this!

Some of our Primers after completing a 10km race! Believe it or not, twelve weeks before this photo was taken, none of the female Primers in this photo had ever run more than 2.4km, and none of them were from Sports CCAs!

Now, have we mentioned that we have our own Band? The Boys’ Brigade isn’t all about sports, camps and drills. Tracing its roots back to Glasgow, Scotland, the Boys’ Brigade also provides opportunities for you to learn the Scottish Great Highland bagpipe (which sounds fantastic) and the snare drums! The Band is also where many Primers and Boys find another family – surrounded by individuals who share their love and passion for music.

Our Primers BBand at this year’s National Day Observance Ceremony! With our seniors and juniors, we also participated in the annual BB Pipes and Drums Festival together.

To make CCA more fun, Primers also conduct Electives for the juniors. This means that we plan and conduct lessons on various activities/skills like computer programming, card making, or even card magic! Any skill or talent you possess can be utilized in the Boys’ Brigade – if you have a passion for something, consider conducting your own Elective!

The Primers are an absolutely vital part of the Boys’ Brigade. Primers are responsible for teaching the Boys skills like knot-tying and foot drill. Working closely with the Teachers and Officers (many of whom are past alumni), the Primers also prepare the Y1-4 Boys for competitions such as BB Blaze and Drill Competition.

But as Primers, we do more than just teaching and planning. As part of a well-structured mentoring system, the Primers play the role of mentors to the younger Boys, befriending them, helping them integrate well into the CCA, and helping them to grow into Boys of character and excellence through their BB journey. This love and care for our juniors makes BB more like a family than just a CCA.

You might ask, what if I’m a girl or a non-BB boy? You are welcome to join us too! In fact, girls make up half of the batch in the Primers Programme! We welcome anyone from any background – you don’t have to be from BB/GB or a UG to contribute in the Primers Programme! The BB programme is so diverse and multifaceted – anyone can contribute in their own unique way!

Our 60th Family :)

Of course, the Primers are also a close-knit batch in RI. In the Primers Programme, we spend a lot of time with one another, and we become very close friends that go through everything together. For example, we meet every morning at the parade square steps and celebrate one another’s birthdays in amazing ways. You can definitely depend on your batchmates if you need any help – whether it is advice, ‘tuition’, or just someone to listen to your troubles.

BB Primers is truly a unique CCA – to find out more, approach any of us, visit our Open House booth, or check out @our60th on Instagram!

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