Special Edition: Teachers’ Day 2021

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By Raffles Press ’22

Foreword by Mei Feifei (22A13A), Chairperson, Raffles Press ’22

Sonder: the realisation that every other person lives a life as vivid and complex as your own.

On a regular school day, it’s easy to be swept away by the motion of things: a teacher stands at the front of the class for an hour or so, leaves, and another teacher enters. The fast pace of school life rarely grants us the chance to understand the multidimensional lives that our teachers lead, and much less for us to express our appreciation for them.

Raffles Press’ 2021 Teachers’ Day Special Edition seeks to showcase the fascinating things that our teachers do outside of
school. From introductions (“Just Joined”) to hobbies (“Bet You Didn’t Know”), to origin stories (“Before I was a Teacher”), and
active lifestyles (“We Like to Move It”), we hope that you’ll have fun finding out more about your teachers! Simply click on the titles to be linked to a web version of the article.

Through the process of putting together this edition, the Raffles Press batch has come to learn so much more about our teachers. Thank you to the teachers who generously agreed to being interviewed! We found their stories—both inside and outside of school—to be a great source of inspiration. We hope that you, reader, will experience the same wonder as we did.

And finally, to our teachers, who this day is all about: Happy Teachers’ Day!

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