A day in the life of: A Hockey (Girls) Player

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Wee Jieqi (16S03A), Captain; Sherrie Tan (16S03C), Vice-Captain; Nur Syahirah (16S03B), Vice-Captain; Kathleen Ooi (16S03N), Quarter-Mistress

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Raffles Hockey (Girls) team huddle

You walk out onto the pitch dressed in green-black-white, stick in hand, game in mind. Heart thumping in anticipation, hands clammy with perspiration. You zero in onto the ball set in the centre of the pitch as the whistle blows, and adrenaline kicks in. Game on.

Hockey is not a game for the faint-hearted; it calls for dedication and passion. Dedication that helps you pull through arduous trainings and unforgiving weather we play under, and passion for pushing your limits to be the best your team needs you to be. As a hockey player, you are a team member. Individualism is frowned upon here, and we all strongly relate to the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. Sounds clichéd, but it holds true from experience.

Phoebe Neo, captain of the hockey team, clearing the ball

A  typical training session on Tuesday or Thursday would begin with us gathering under the clock tower at the RI Year 1-4 side after school, waiting for that minute hand to strike ‘6’ on the clock face. A quick warm up around the rugby field and some stretching later, we gear up and grab our sticks, ready to take on what Coach Dahlia has in mind for us. Common drills include refining our basic skills, playing against our own teammates and learning new set pieces to be applied in a game. We continually work to improve our skills through a variety of drills, and the sounds of us cheering each other on resonate throughout the field. Though fatigue is inevitable, the sense of accomplishment you feel after a productive training session overrides everything else.

Team photo after training

Beyond the technical details of the sport, hockey enables us to grow as individuals though the pain, sweat and tears that we leave behind on the pitch. However, our friendship extends beyond the pitch. For many of us, hockey is our family. We are more than just players coming together to achieve a common goal. Being a part of this tight-knit group includes going for batch outings or even studying together for exams. Family and camaraderie is what makes this journey so special and what pushes us on during training. Along the way, we learn to trust and depend on each other even more. As a team sport, we constantly ensure that we are there for one another and have each other’s backs. Nobody will be left behind.

Through your journey in hockey, you can expect to acquire new skills, play against various opponents, celebrate your wins and struggle through your losses together as a team. A hockey team is much more than just a group of players meeting a few times a week; the bond that forms will be evident through the constant teamwork that is displayed as you push each other on and cheer for one another through the ups and downs. Whether it is merely a practice session or a tournament, each win or loss will leave a mark on your life. Ultimately, hockey is a sport that will teach you about friendship, learning and achievement.

The hockey girls are all smiles after winning one of their group matches this year.

Lastly, hockey is also a lifestyle, where one can stay fit and keep in shape. We are a passionate group of students that come together to continuously push ourselves forward and go beyond what we think we can achieve. So, if you are looking for a CCA where lasting friendships are forged and precious memories are created through our shared journey, come join us. Be a part of our family.

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