A Level Results 2019: In Intellectual Pursuit

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By Phang Yeu Yeou (19A01A) and Shervon Lee (19S06A)

Photographs courtesy of Alyssa Marie Loo (19A13A)

As the clock ticked down to 14:30, the restless horde of J3s in the Multi-Purpose Hall finally settled down to await the culmination of two years’ worth of effort. 14:30 arrived, and so did Mr Frederick Yeo, along with the A Level results of the 2018 batch.

Raffles Press is pleased to report that the batch of 2018 has achieved exceptional results. Of the batch, 98% of students achieved three H2 passes, with either a pass in General Paper or Knowledge and Inquiry. Additionally, 750 (63%) students offering four H2 subjects scored distinctions in at least three H2 subjects, while 619 (52%) students scored at least four H2 distinctions. Impressively, 200 (16.8%) students achieved distinctions in all subjects offered, including H3 subjects.

Overall, the batch of 2018 had 536 (45%) students attaining at least 6 Distinctions, 286 (24%) students attaining at least 7 Distinctions, 78 (7%) students attaining at least 8 Distinctions, and 6 (0.5%) students attaining 9 Distinctions.


As for the individual H2 subjects, Literature in particular showed commendable improvement, jumping from last year’s 7 in 10 distinction rate to this year’s distinction rate of 9 in 10. General Paper also saw a much improved 57% distinction rate, which raised an especially raucous round of applause from the Y7s in attendance. The batch outdid themselves in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, and Knowledge and Inquiry as well, with 7 in 10 achieving distinction. Economics saw a marginal decrease from last year, with a distinction rate of 6 in 10.


The cohort’s exceptional showings also manifested in the UAS tally: 368 students (30.9%) achieved a perfect University Admission Score (UAS), while the mean UAS remained high at 84.5 out of 90.

As the J3s trickle out of the hall in chatter and laughter with their hard-earned certificates in hand, there is no doubt in our minds that they have done Raffles and themselves proud. Wherever they go, Raffles Press wishes them all the best in all their future endeavours!

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