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The Winners Take It All: Table Tennis Finals 2019

Reading Time: 8 minutes

By Benjamin Lim (19S03I) and Ng Ziqin (20S03H)
Photos by Benjamin Lim (19S03I) and Megan Toh (20S03N) from Raffles Photographic Society

The Raffles spectator stands were a sea awash with students in house shirts. They were cheering, they were screaming, they were waving green/black/white inflatable clappers. The Student Councillors and RI Y1-4 prefects, clad in green, were leading supporters in the more popular (and more memorable) school cheers like Raffles Dynamite and Say Ra. Vibrant white lights glared down from the high ceilings, sharpening the technicolour reds, blues, blacks and greens of the players’ uniforms. The atmosphere felt charged, crackling with an energy that verged on visibility.

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Blazing the Trail: Track and Field Finals 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Kelly Leong (20S07C) and Sarah Lok (20A03A)
Photographs courtesy of Chloe Guai (20A01D) of Raffles Photographic Society

The 29th of March might have been just a normal day for most, but it was not the case for the RI Track and Field Team. With new personal bests, numerous medals and countless memories created as a team, the team truly blazed the trail that culminated at the National Stadium.

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Film Society Screening: Singapore Boleh!

Reading Time: 9 minutes

By Claire Tan (20S07A), Clara Shen (20A01A), and Coco Liu (20S06L)

As students streamed into the movie room in excited chatter on the 14th March, there was anticipation in the air of what the evening could possibly offer and what enlightenment the four films, which were carefully selected through a democratic voting process by the FilmSoc members, sought to provide.

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Dramafeste 2019: (non)Sense

Reading Time: 10 minutes

By Megan Soh Minyi (20A01B), Mah Xiao Yu (20A01B), and Leong Jia En Rachel (20A01E)
Photographs courtesy of Rachel Tan (19S03T) and Tian Ruiying (19S05B) of Raffles Photographic Society

Dramafeste is back with this year’s theme of (non)Sense! In this production, each house was allocated one of the five senses: touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight. Before the start of the event, ebullient and lively chatter could be heard all throughout the PAC, a testament to the high levels of anticipation among the audience members to see how each house’s assigned theme would come to play in theatre.

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Bazaars: Are They Worth the Buzz?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Chloe Wong (19S07C), Isabelle Tan (19S03S), and Vanessa Lur (19S06Q)
Photograph courtesy of

It is a regular hot afternoon in Singapore and we find ourselves doing something not-so-regular—visiting the bazaar. The crowd is overwhelming and we find ourselves being shoved around by people all around us. As we wipe away the sweat trickling down our necks, we can’t help but wonder how bizarre it is that more and more teenagers are willing to endure a good few hours pushing through crowds just for a bazaar. This brings us to the question at hand—what exactly is so enticing about these bazaars?

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