CCA Previews ’17: Indian Cultural Society

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By Tharani d/o Sivakumaran (17S03P), Chairperson & Narayanan Avinash (17S06S), Vice-Chairperson

Quick! What comes to mind when you think of “Indian”? That’s right – song, dance and vibrant colours! Welcome to the Indian Cultural Society (ICS), the place where tradition meets fun.

Members of the Indian Cultural Society at Sangamam 2016

You can look forward to kickstarting your journey in ICS with an exciting orientation day camp, where you will get to bond with both your peers and your seniors. This sets you on the path to make many wonderful memories throughout the year with your new friends. And thus the adventure begins!

ICS partners up with SINDA annually to conduct “The Amazing Race”. In addition to being a way of giving back and making an impact on the wider community, you will also get to interact with the children and share your knowledge and skills with them.

Participants and student facilitators having fun at Amazing Race 2016

This event helps underprivileged children by equipping them with the necessary skills and values to function as valued members of the society. The theme for the event this year will be “FriendShip”, seeking to imbue in our participants the necessary qualities of building everlasting friendships with others. In today’s world where networking is given utmost importance, we feel that is it essential to ingrain proper communication and networking skills in them at a young age. You can look forward to this worthwhile and fulfilling event to begin your year in ICS.

However, nothing, and we mean NOTHING, compares to our signature production and event, Sangamam! Sangamam is our very own annual cultural production that you can look forward to taking part in. It is an experience like no other and it has something for everyone. Being a part of this production will teach you valuable skills such respect, dedication, communication and leadership. The bonds between you and your fellow members will also grow stronger as you strive to make the production a success. Most importantly, it is a platform for you to showcase your individual talents, be it singing, dancing or acting.

Real drama at our annual drama show

Do not be afraid to try something you have never done before as well. Sangamam is the place for you to display your hidden talents. And what’s more, each year’s production has its own unique theme, making every year special. Last year, ICS staged a horror-comedy drama show entitled “Prathimai”. The support and applause that we received from the audience was testament to the success of the show. “And what about this year? What is the show about?”, you may be wondering. Well, you will have to join the CCA and find out for yourself!

Outside the Indian community, you will also get to showcase elements of Indian culture to the general school population. ICS hosts cultural programmes during the National Day and Deepavali celebrations, bringing Indian culture to our friends and peers in the school through our school events.

Smiling faces after the Deepavali Show

And finally, ICS is an avenue for you to go above and beyond the confines of the school. You will also gain opportunities to participate in much vaunted programmes such as the SINDA Youth Leaders’ Seminar (SYLS). More equally fun events await you when you join ICS, both in school and out.

ICS meetings are held fortnightly on Fridays, and more frequently when our events draw closer. So what are you waiting for? Join the Indian Cultural Society for a warm, close-knit family and a fun twist to traditions and culture.

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  1. As a Chinese student who is interested in Indian culture, may I know if I would be eligible to join? Also, to what extent is the ICS about Indian culture and to what extent is it about the Tamil language? I’m really keen to join but am just concerned the language barrier may pose a problem as I do not speak Tamil. Thanks. :)

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