CCA Previews ’17: Taekwondo

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By Hong Wen Yu (17A01D), Cheong Luan Lin, Jovita (17S03A) and Sim Qin Li (17S06B); Taekwondo Batch ’17

Want to stay active but too busy with studies? Want to honourably fend for yourself and your loved ones but just do not know how? Raffles Taekwondo can just offer you all these.

The new batch of white-belts after the first grading, early on at the start of the year!

Taekwondo (태권도) is a Korean martial art which focuses on a range of kicks (high kicks,fast kicks, spinning kicks, etc.) as well as self-defence techniques (punches and blocks) that helps you to defend yourself intelligently in the face of danger. Physically, Taekwondo is an enriching sport which helps develop strength, speed and flexibility. In addition, it teaches core values such as discipline and develops in one, a positive mental attitude.

There are two main components of Taekwondo: Poomsae, which is a show case of a series of kicks and punches, and Gyeorugi, which consists of sparring – can be contact or non-contact.

Recently established in 2014, Raffles Taekwondo is a relatively new and young CCA.  We are one of the two martial arts CCA available on offer in RJC, and one of the very few CCAs that get to train in a well-furnished gym, complete with air-conditioning, large paneled mirrors and fully matted floors. We train once every week, on Fridays, 4pm to 5pm, at HomeTeamNS @ Balestier, which is a 10 minute walk from Toa Payoh MRT Station.  Closer to competition and grading season, training increases to 2-3 times a week, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays in school. Even though training time may seem pretty short each week,we tend to stay back after the training sessions to practiceourmoves and kicks with one another in the gym.

Raffles Taekwondo members at the 2016 National Inter-Schools Taekwondo Championships, whereby our black belt team clinched champions in the team category and 2nd and 4th in the individual category.

Despite the fact that we are a martial arts CCA, fear not, for the sport is relatively safe. There is no prerequisite for newcomers as many of us did not even have any background prior to joining. Though being flexible would aid one to deliver higher and more powerful kicks, most of us can barely even do a split when we started out.  Members can look forward to attend gradings once every three months, and up to four times a year, whereby they will be promoted to the next belt rank. Exceptional members will even be selected to represent the school and the club in various competitions across the year. Even for those who simply just want to learn how to defend themselves or be able to bust a few moves in times of danger, you can do so in a conducive and tight knit family, that is Raffles Taekwondo.

(L), Head Coach, Sir Henry Tan, (R) Assistant Coach, Sir Rex

Currently, we are coached by Sir Henry Tan, a 10 time national champion and SEA games gold medalist, who was once on the Taekwondo national squad in his younger days. It might be hard to ever see him smile or crack a joke, but he is indeed committed and patient as a coach, often staying back after training is over to help us by correcting our moves and technique, so that we can be more accurate and precise.

Farewell celebration for the graduating batch.
Birthday celebration for our batchmates.

Besides trainings, our members often engage in various batch activities, such as birthday celebrations, CCA lunch/dinners or even CIP projects and outings.  With such a cozy family to go to after an exhausting day of school, it doesn’t ever feel as though school was ever stressful in the first place. The friendships formed and skills that you get to learn along the way stays with you for life. So, if you are looking for an adventure, join Raffles Taekwondo and taek them down today.

(Taekwondo is recognized by the Singapore Schools Sports Council, and participation or achievement in the annual National Inter-schools will be recognised in your CCA Records. You may take up Taekwondo with other CCAs.  To find out more, head to our Facebook page ‘Raffles Taekwondo’ and Instagram account @rafflestaekwondo, or contact for any queries. Sign up now at for trial lessons and join us if you interested!)

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