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CCA Previews ’22: Tenpin Bowling

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Ray Ng (22SO6Q), Boys’ Captain and Nicole Tan (22SO3Q), Girls’ Captain

Bowling is a very versatile activity. It can range from a relaxing social gathering to a fierce competition. At its essence, bowling is a simple game – your aim is to knock down all 10 pins. However, there is more than what meets the eye, especially regarding different conditions, targets, and ball tracks. By joining our bowling family, you will be able to learn more about these strategies and develop a more consistent stroke, greatly increasing your score. The wonderful feeling and sound of knocking all 10 pins are unmatched!

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CCA Previews ‘22: Guitar Ensemble

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Priscilla Loh (22S03E), Chairperson; Chua Han Ya (22S06E), Vice-Chairperson; Gladys Tan (22S03G), Secretary; Amyra Zulraimi (22S03N), Student Conductor; Melody Goh (22S03E), Quartermaster 

Have you ever watched guitarists on social media in awe, wishing that you could play your favourite pop songs on the guitar just like them? Well, your dreams may just be about to come true! The Raffles Institution Guitar Ensemble (RJGE) is one of the only fully-fledged Niibori guitar ensembles at the Junior College level in Singapore, and we dabble in a myriad of musical genres, ranging from folk to classical to pop. 

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CCA Previews ’22: Badminton

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Alina Phang (22A13A), Vice-Captain

Hello everyone. For some reason, I got arrowed to write this… so I’ve decided to take this opportunity to flame my CCA. I’ll be spilling all the insider reasons why Badminton sucks – hopefully, this still gets published. Please, just hear me out, okay?

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Modern Dance SYF 2019: 2613754410

Reading Time: 5 minutesBy Mabel Yet (19S03Q)
Photos courtesy of Modern Dance

In the final moments before they headed backstage, the dancers huddled in a circle with their arms around each other, in a bid to soothe one another’s jitters. As they soaked in the warmth of familiar company, one by one, the dancers poured their hearts out to their team, with some finding it a struggle to sum up the past few months of blood, sweat, and tears they’d invested into their countless practices. Nonetheless, their energy remained high as they chanted “MODMODMOD MOD DANCE!” for the last time, before breaking apart and disappearing backstage. And what a show it would be.

On 12 April, Modern Dance gave a spectacular performance, entitled 2613754410, at University Cultural Centre (NUS) for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), with the overarching theme of something we encounter all the time—numbers.

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Those Days: A Celebration of the Elderly Around Us

Reading Time: 5 minutesBy Ernest Lee (17A01A), Angus Yip (18A01A), Jonah Tan (18A01A), Photographs by The Humanz Initiative (THI). 

Take a look at most concerts and plays put together by the different CCAs and student groups within the school. One trend emerges: these performances are by Rafflesians and almost always for Rafflesians. On the 29th of April, the spotlight shifted away from the student population to the world beyond our campus.

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