CCA Previews ’17: Students’ Council

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By See Chung Yi (17S06F) President of 36SC

At the heart of the Students’ Council are students, individuals like you and me who attend lessons, classes, and CCA sessions. Every individual contributes to Raffles and to his/her peers in their own unique ways, whether through music, sports or academics, and Councillors are like-minded individuals who play a part in creating a warm and spirited schooling environment, through match supports, House events, or simple acts like lending a helping hand or a listening ear. If you are passionate about helping your fellow Rafflesians, whether by creating avenues for all to contribute to the school, or by kindling school spirit, then Council is the CCA for you.

Traditional batch photo taken at Council Retreat.

Made up of 3 Departments – Communications (Commz’ D), Welfare, and the CCA Department (CCAD), as well as the 5 House Directorates, Council is a school-based service CCA in which Councillors lead their peers and serve the school through initiatives, daily duties and interactions. Though Council does organise events, with each Councillor playing a part in planning and executing different school functions (National Day, Open House, Orientation etc.), at the heart of Council is service, personal interaction and the involvement of the entire student body.

36th Students’ Council leading the school in the Unite Cheer at Council Investiture 2016.

Whether through Town Hall sessions held by Commz’ D, where student-led discussions on pertinent school issues are held, feedback is collected and student needs are addressed, or through the distribution of welfare packs and handwritten notes by the House Directorates, every initiative by Council aims to better the lives of students, as well as to bring together the student body. With every action comes a personal touch, and a genuine interest in wanting to lift the spirits of our peers and schoolmates. There is something heartwarming about seeing the difference made in a friend’s life through our individual interactions, or seeing their faces light up when they enjoy the events Council plans.

Every new batch of Councillors has a unique mission created from the ground-up by that batch at the start of each Council term, and with it, unique initiatives and goals. The 36th Students’ Council, in particular, aims to weave different communities into a close-knit Rafflesian family. The Raffles Games, for instance, was organised by CCAD to promote intra-House spirit, as well as to encourage students from different CCAs to get to know each other, and learn more about the sports they may be unfamiliar with.

36th Student Councillors at the 2016 Softball “A” Division Match Support.

It’s up to you to make a positive difference in the lives of your peers, and Council is one such avenue to do so. There is freedom to plan initiatives unique to your batch through a channel known as Project X, in addition to rallying the school through more traditional initiatives such as Match Support, or caring for the welfare of the student body through Snack Attack and Mega Mugging Madness. What mark will the 37th, 38th and future batches of Councillors leave behind? That’s up to you to join Students’ Council and find out. It’s a CCA that will take you on a memorable, unforgettable and meaningful journey of service and leadership, and promises to be a fulfilling part of JC life.

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