CCA Previews ’17: Floorball

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By Wang Xiyu (17A13A)

The faceoff. A few seconds for you to size up your opponent and go in for the kill. The whistle blows. You wrestle for the ball, swiping it backwards in one quick motion. The ball breaks free, the gears of the team shift into motion and the game begins.

Floorball is a fast sport – 30 seconds on court before your squeaky court shoes leaves its home ground, rests for another shift or two, and steps in again. Agility, speed and fitness (not forgetting ball handling skills) thus become important in the equation to success (and having fun!). For these purposes we train thrice a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Indoor Sports Hall. Training usually begins with a warmup run, followed with court time with drills and wraps up with matches. Weekly physical training and conditioning are also conducted to boost players’ fitness.

Floorball Girls!

Trainings are geared towards allowing for optimum performance during season (National inter-school championships) from March to May- an intensive period of matches for both boys and girls. To prepare for this, friendlies with other school teams are usually organised before this period and we also take part in other competitions such as NUS Tenses, which are opportunities beneficial for growth.

Floorball Boys!

Ultimately, however, Floorball is a team sport that goes beyond individual skills and fitness. The Floorball team functions on trust, camaraderie and communication- all of which manifest themselves in cheering for each other during training; the team huddles and cheers before a match; talks with our legendary coach, Ms Jill Quek. The emphasis on team means that the Floorball family bonds as a CCA beyond the limits of girls and guys teams. Regular CCA bonding activities such as camps, dinners and outings foster team spirit and friendship beyond sweaty CCA sessions. Members also meet up informally to play at the amphitheatre outside of training. With a bonded team, members can enjoy chemistry on and off court.

Interested in joining Floorball? Come for our tryouts next year! Being a relatively new CCA and a developmental sport for the girls, we welcome everyone to try out- even those without any sports background. Just come with the right attitude: Hunger, Humble, Hustle, and try your best. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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