Students: Ditch Google Docs, and use Office Online for your projects for a happier life

In the latest installment of Raffles Press’ collaboration with Twenty First Tech, we explore a (better) alternative to Google Docs for collaborative editing.

Twenty First Tech (outdated)

Project Work is something very unfortunate that all Junior College students will have to deal with. Last week, a teacher warned her class on the use of Google Docs, speaking of how it would destroy hours of painstaking formatting when converted into a Word document. Everyone just heeded the warning as an inevitable reality of life: That is what happens when you want to collaborate online.

Only it’s not.

You use Microsoft Office for your offline work. But when it comes to projects and online collaborations, you (reluctantly) switch to Google Docs, in favour of the real time collaboration that it offers. Google Docs was never the preferred option; it was just something that people saw as necessary for online work.

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One thought on “Students: Ditch Google Docs, and use Office Online for your projects for a happier life”

  1. “There’s also no chat function (yet), and no revision history (I think).”
    “…there’s no real time syncing (yet); you’ll have to constantly hit the “save button” to refresh the document and see what your groupmates have added.”
    “And of course there’s the added problem that not everyone has Office 2013.”
    So… what…?

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