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Club Automatica is just the place you’d want to be if you enjoy either manipulating Physics theories or playing with technology. We are formed by 2 divisions – Quanta, which deals with Physics, and Robotica, dealing with robotics applications.

Club Vision
“To nurture a group of passionate, skilled students able to push boundaries in robotics and Physics through creativity and innovation”


Seeking to acquire the fundamental grasp of our world and how it works and revolves (pun intended), Quanta aims to delve deeper into the vast and electrifying world of Physics. Quanta is a division of Club Automatica.

From the knowledge of something as fundamental as an apple dropping to the ground through gravity to the exploration of the abstract world of quantum mechanics, Quanta explores various concepts through interactive discussions and sharings. For those who share a passion of exploring Physics deeper and learning more about anything and everything related to Physics, Quanta is the place for you. Quanta sessions are usually held once a week, with sharings often occurring by any member who is keen to share his/her thoughts about something which he/she read and found interesting, some of our quirkier sessions include the investigation of the Physics behind the Spiderman scene where he stops a train using 2 thick strands of web, quantum mechanics and the physics of a ball in motion (and not just projectile motion or Stokes’ Law while we’re at it).

Figure 1 Currently, this our electrifying new setup, the tesla coil

Quanta is multidimensional (again pun intended), we also have demonstrations and setups of interesting phenomena, such as soon-to-be-held/recently held JIP workshop on non-Newtonian fluids and our very own Tesla Coil. Currently, we also intend to construct features such as simple ballistic mechanisms. Building these devices is no mean feat, coming up with such devices requires a fair amount of creativity and innovation, and we intend to increase appreciation of Physics’ phenomena through these interactive displays.

Figure 2 Preliminary prototype models for our pneumatic projectiles
Figure 2 Preliminary prototype models for our pneumatic projectiles

We also aim to connect aspiring students with the Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament (SYPT), a competition where students from across Singapore would duke out their knowledge on Physics problems in debates known as “Physics Fights”. Presentations of past participants and knowledge on the tournament would give prospective students some knowledge as to what to expect in the qualification later towards the end of the year.

So who can join us at Quanta? Anyone and everyone who has an interest in exploring the fundamentals of the world around us are welcome to join. You need not be a Physics students, just a desire to learn will be perfect.

Ultimately, Quanta want to show you that Physics is not an insurmountably daunting subject riddled with nefarious Greek letters, but rather a subject that explores the fundamental principles of the world around us. This exploration we cannot promise will be easy, but it definitely will be fun, enriching and intriguing. We learn fundamental principles governing our world, from the vast expanses of our universe to the smallest of subatomic particles. We learn Physics.

For more information, feel free to contact Kartik (Quanta Chairperson) at or 97816553.

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