CCA Previews ’23: National Cadet Corps

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By Eugene Tan, S. Sathashiv, K. Tharun

“To set the bar, and raise it higher!”

The Raffles Institution National Cadet Corps (RINCC) is the premier National Cadet Corps unit in Singapore, being the first Cadet Corps unit to be established. It is also the oldest of all six Uniformed Groups present in Raffles Institution.

The history of RINCC dates as far back as May 1901, when C. M. Philips, the acting principal of Raffles Institution, formed a Cadet Corps unit comprising existing and ex-Rafflesians. 

We have a long and vibrant history, having been disbanded and reassembled twice before: once after the First World War, and another during the Japanese occupation of Singapore.

Today, we pride ourselves in being a unit of high and respectable standards, consistently achieving the Gold award for all of our yearly unit recognition awards.

Raffles Institution National Day Parade 2022

Regular CCA Sessions

Contrary to popular belief, the NCC syllabus does not solely comprise marching under the hot sun.

The NCC syllabus is guided by three pillars—Leadership, Fitness, and Commitment to Singapore. It is framed around military-style training specially curated to instil a high standard of discipline in NCC cadets, whilst allowing them to experience the military way of life.

In addition to foot drills and marching, which inevitably form a core part of the NCC curriculum, RINCC also features many other enriching and interesting activities such as Urban Operations Training, Orienteering and Navigation Skills, Individual Field Craft, as well as overnight camps.

RINCC is also one of the few privileged units which offer its cadets the opportunity to learn Precision Drill Squad (PDS) drills—ceremonial rifle drills conducted with the Lee Enfield Mark V rifles used by the British in World War Two. 

Traditions and Roles

Having trained cadets for more than 121 years as of today, it is no surprise that our CCA has some of the oldest traditions as compared to other Rafflesian organisations.

One of our most crucial roles—an integral part of our tradition—is being at the forefront of every parade and ceremony held in Raffles. From the routine morning assembly to events such as Founder’s Day, RINCC is always present to uphold our ceremonial duties.

Raffles Institution National Day Parade 2022

Through the decades, we have proudly carried out our traditional ceremonial roles, and we will continue to dutifully do so into the foreseeable future and beyond.

The annual Total Defence Day commemoration parade, held on 15th February, is one of the most meaningful parades we hold on a yearly basis. 

It marks the sacrifices of the Raffles Institution Cadet Corps cadets who joined the Singapore Volunteer Corps in 1942 and lost their lives in the defence of our home in the highest form of servitude to our country.

Raffles Institution Total Defence Day Parade 2021

Fun facts 

RINCC is a Land unit, which is why all our uniforms feature the iconic green pixelated camouflage pattern. However, there are also Air and Sea units in NCC which don the uniforms worn by the RSAF and RSN respectively.

While RI used to have three NCC units comprising the three different services, they were integrated into one Land unit in the late 1980s.

Did you know that we have many different uniforms and attires for various occasions? All NCC cadets will be issued with the iconic No. 4 pixelated camouflage uniform and PT (physical training) kit, but will get the chance to wear other uniforms, should the occasion call for it.

Here are some of the uniforms NCC cadets will get the chance to wear.

The No. 1 uniform, which is often adorned during ceremonial roles and parades by appointment holders, as well as the guard of honour contingents. 

While wearing the No. 1, all commissioned officers must carry a ceremonial sword, which may be unsheathed for the parade. 

The Parade Commander and Regimental Sergeant Major [RSM] will carry a pace stick—a mark of their ultimate authority on the parade square.

The No. 3, which often fills the role of an office uniform, is a more formal substitute to the No. 4. Though less common, it may also be worn for parades.

The No. 4, the uniform most commonly associated with our CCA and the military. It is likely the most versatile uniform, worn for both day-to-day activities as well as parades. As a matter of fact, it is likely the most common uniform found on the parade square during parades.

We hope to see you in NCC!

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