CCA Previews ’23: Softball

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By Softball Exco 2022-23

People have many different impressions of what softball is. Some see it as merely a game involving heavy equipment, awkward tan lines and bruises. Others are just perplexed by the fact that a softball is not actually soft! Well, take some time to learn about the sport and you’ll realise that it is way more than that.

The beauty of softball lies in the game itself—from the resounding crack of the bat as it hits the ball, to the suspenseful silence as everyone waits to see if the ball finds itself in the fielder’s glove. Beyond just the adrenaline rush of hitting a good strike, one can also find intellectual stimulation in this complex and ever-evolving game. 

Not only that, the camaraderie and friendship one finds in softball are unparalleled. The game requires teamwork and synergy: it’s not about the individual players, but how they can come together to accomplish something much greater. Softball, although played on a field, enables you to form bonds that last far beyond the field. . Post-training dinners and lying under the stars on the field all play a part in bringing the team together. 

Some key events Softball participates in include the National School Games (NSG) held in April and friendly matches throughout the year. At the National School Games, we are put to the test as we fight it out against 5-7 other school teams for the coveted gold medal. 

We train three times a week, on Monday (3-6pm) , Wednesday (2.30-5.30pm) and Saturday (8-11am). Unfortunately, as Softball is a competitive CCA, you will need prior softball experience to join.

If the sound of being challenged and forging lifelong friendships intrigues you, why not give Softball a try?

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