CCA Previews ’23: Red Cross Youth Chapter

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By Tan Yong Yi and Teng Yihua

That breathy “thank you” and relieved sigh coming from an injured player as you swiftly and deftly tend to their fresh wound, putting months of practice into play. That little smile that gradually grows as you continue conversing with an elderly person, both folding the next piece of origami together. That overwhelming sense of satisfaction as students pour into the blood donation venue, as your weeks’ worth of planning has been a success. Those experiences may just last for a moment, but they stick with our members for a lifetime. If they interest you, Red Cross Youth Chapters (RCYC) is just the place for you!

First aid providers

RCYC members are not one to miss out on any major school events! At events such as the Team Raffles Games and House Games, we actively provide first aid coverage and are constantly looking out for the safety of every student. Having gone through a first aid course within months of joining RCYC, every member will be fully equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge that will be crucial in ensuring that any injuries can be tended to immediately. 

Furthermore, let us pose you a question: have you ever had difficulty finding the appropriate ways to reply when someone pours their heart out to you in a panic? Do you want to know how to console them? Not only can we administer physical first aid, but we are also trained to practise psychological first aid. Presented with numerous roleplay opportunities during the course, RCYC members have learnt different ways to comfort someone who has been through a traumatic event, or simply a friend that is not feeling their best. 

Contributing to the community

On the topic of becoming a saviour of lives, all RCYC members will be able to partake in the planning as well as execution of blood drives held annually, right in our school. After all, 1 bag of blood can save 3 lives! This long-lasting tradition encourages the school population to donate blood, which helps to alleviate the perennial problem of declining blood donors in Singapore. Prior to the event, we also utilise social media to educate the school population on the process of blood donation, as well as clear up any misconceptions about blood donation! 

Last year’s blood drive!

Finally, RCYC also volunteers with beneficiaries both in and outside of school, touching the lives of many. For example, RCYC has worked with seniors at Ren Ci and St Luke’s Hospital, by bringing joy to their lives by entertaining them with activities we have planned and providing them company. Furthermore, RCYC has established strong ties with organisations like the National Kidney Foundation, and has an upcoming befriending initiative with dialysis patients that will be happening this year! 

RCYC members also join in on volunteering initiatives conducted by the Red Cross Headquarters, and have the chance to choose from a wide variety of volunteering opportunities, ranging from local to even international volunteering opportunities! 

Joining RCYC can help you discover (or follow) your passion for serving the community, alongside like-minded peers!

Weekly General Meetings

Our CCA sessions are held once a week on Wednesdays from 9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. in classrooms. This is where we:

  1. Plan for upcoming initiatives
  2. Carry out a variety of bonding activities to foster a sense of belonging in our members
  3. Engage in first-aid refreshers
Our farewell session for the Y6s!


If you think that you might not have the skills necessary to join RCYC, fret not! Our CCA is open to all, and no prior skills are needed. As a unique service-based CCA, becoming a part of us will make your JC experience more fruitful! You will be able to expand your horizons with new experiences as you are given the chance to make an impact on a much larger community. 

Moreover, interacting with people of different backgrounds will enable you to have a better understanding of the people around you and make a difference in the community for the greater good. So, if you have a heart and mind that is willing to serve the community and immerse yourself in fresh and exciting experiences, we hope to see you in RCYC soon!

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