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By Huang Xinrui (23A01B), Chairperson; Tan Eik Huey (23S03O), Vice-Chairperson; Ralph Casper Tan (23S06E), Vice-Chairperson

Do you have a burning passion for Economics and/or current affairs? Are you interested in meeting other like-minded individuals and engaging in intellectual discussions every week? Are you opinionated on contemporary issues and looking for a place for constructive debate? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, the Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society might just be the place for you!

So… what exactly is RECAS?

RECAS serves as a space to discuss, share and learn about current affairs and economics-related issues that we find interesting and relevant. We hope to promote a culture of mutual respect and learning, while bringing economics and current affairs to the forefront of discussions in RJC. This is done in order to enrich our general knowledge and gain insight into varied perspectives – hence, our motto, Open Your Mind.

What do we do? 

Since RECAS is a student-led CCA, we possess a sizable amount of autonomy in deciding how to spend our allocated 2 hours every week. Our sessions run every Wednesday morning, from 9 to 11 a.m., and are held at the RDS Lite D2. 

CCA sessions can consist of presentations and debates about topics that members are interested in, going on external outings to places such as URA and GIC, or even just playing games (for educational purposes, of course)! Think along the lines of Jeopardy, Kahoot quizzes, or current affairs-themed charades.

Our Y6 Chairperson welcoming the speakers for a talk for one of our sessions

Furthermore, RECAS devotes a great deal of time and effort to our “flagship products”. Our members work in groups to contribute monthly articles to The Common Good, a student publication we produce in collaboration with the Economics department. This not only serves as an excellent avenue to explore issues of one’s choice through an economic lens, but also to practice your writing skills!  Our members are equally involved in curating the CCA Instagram page, where we make weekly posts about current affairs. 

Prospective members can also expect to play a part in organising Economics Week, an annual, school-wide event comprising a wide range of Economics-themed activities. This year’s Econs Week comprised thought-provoking talks about pertinent issues such as the future of fintech (financial technology), workshops about game theory and behavioural economics, and student-run booths and exhibits that explored various aspects of Economics. 

Well, what do our current members have to say? 

Xiong Zirui (23S03F): “It’s fun to have insightful discussions about topics that matter to us. Earlier this year, we discussed global sustainability efforts, and how different stakeholders play a role in either pushing forward or impeding these sustainability efforts. We also really enjoy discussing the economic implications of various policies as well as notable political developments all around the world!

Of course, we don’t just talk about economics and politics. In fact, we spent a session examining the representation of national service in Singaporean cinema. Even those with no prior knowledge of film or media got to unpack the issues raised in our discussion – which is part of what makes learning in RECAS enjoyable!”

Tsaur Sheng Jie (23S02B): “Being in RECAS has been a very enriching experience, as I have learnt about a wide range of current affairs from diverse perspectives. Through working on tasks such as writing articles for The Common Good and organising CCA activities and events, I’m able to bond with batchmates and create a tight-knit CCA culture.” 

In conclusion…. 

Do not fret if you’re not very familiar with current affairs and economics; there are no prerequisites to joining RECAS! 

Instead, we seek to build a supportive community of people that are, first and foremost, interested in learning from others, and motivated to give back by actively offering their own ideas. We hope to create an open, accessible and participatory environment where our members can not only speak freely, but also have their voices heard by those around them. 

If you are interested in any of the above points, attracted by the prospect of taking a little more ownership over your CCA, or simply interested in sharing what you already know and/or learning new things, consider joining RECAS to Open Your Mind!

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