CCA Previews ’23: Guitar Ensemble

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By Guitar Ensemble EXCO 2022-2023

Have you ever watched guitarists on YouTube in wonder and admiration, and aspired to be just like them? Well, fret not! Raffles Institution Guitar Ensemble (RJGE) is here! RJGE is a fully fledged Niibori guitar ensemble and we dabble in a myriad of musical genres, ranging from folk, to classical, to pop. 

We started off our year with an internal farewell concert where we split into small groups and were given the chance to perform our personal favourites. We allowed our creativity to run wild by experimenting with multifarious guitar techniques which synergised with one another to produce melodic masterpieces. 

Our sessions are held twice a week: on Mondays, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, and Wednesdays, from 8.30am to 10.30am. Our friendly seniors and instructors, Mr Balraj Gopal and Mr Munees, will not hesitate to guide you every step of the way. 

During practice, we typically split into our respective sections majority of the time, to develop individual playing skills while providing sectionmates with opportunities to bond with each other in the process. The various sections, ranging from the tender and melodic Alto to the resounding and mighty Bass, come together to create lyrical music.

In the Raffles Guitar Family, regardless of whether you have prior musical experience, passion and camaraderie takes precedence, not skill or an over-accentuation on perfection. We believe strongly in a tight-knitted community where members seek solace after a hectic day, to rejoice in the friendships forged, while immersing in the heartening CCA experience.   

We hope that you too can join us on this immensely gratifying journey in RJGE, where we make the most out of the fleeting time here in JC to grow and become the best of ourselves, and let our passion take flight!

Here is a video preview of what life in RJGE looks like:

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