CCA Previews ’21: Audio Visual Unit

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By AVU EXCO ’20-’21

Have you ever wondered who the mysterious figure behind that black window at the back of Lecture Theatres or the Performing Arts Centre when you’re at your favourite concert is? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, it’s none other than the Audio Visual Unit!

Here at the AVU, you’ll get the opportunity to experience the wonderful art of audio mixing and creating cool lighting effects. If this sounds like your jam, AVU is just the place for you!

As a service CCA, AVU’s major role is to aid other CCAs, the Students’ Council as well as other external organisations with the lights, sounds and setting up of equipment for various events such as concerts, celebrations, morning assemblies, symposiums and many, many more!

Sadly, only the five EXCO members could meet up in person, thanks to COVID-19.
You can learn how to operate this cool audio mixer in the Performing Arts Centre ;)

“But I have absolutely no clue on what any of these buttons do!!” Well, don’t be afraid. You can be assured that no prerequisites are required for AVU. Training sessions will be conducted on how to operate the lighting and sound systems at different locations throughout the school so that you will be equipped with all the skills you’ll possibly need to run an event!

AVU is also relatively more stress-free since it is a sign-up based CCA with no regular CCA sessions, which means you will be free to plan your own schedule and sign up for events and rehearsals at your own pace. The only requirement is that you will have to complete 60 hours of service (which really isn’t as much as it seems), after which, all additional service hours will be counted as VIA hours!

Here we see AVU members in their natural habitat.

On top of the life skills learnt from the technical aspects of the CCA, working together will also allow you to forge strong friendships and create interesting memories that will paint the canvas of your RI experience. If all of these sound interesting to you, what are you waiting for?

If you would like to know more about AVU, visit us at our Instagram @auspiciummeliorisav, or email us at!

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